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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
2009 N 900 E Unit 112 Temple Complex-CJCLDS
Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bunyag #4 sa San Carlos

For lack of a better title that will have to do, I'm drawing a blank right now. My creativity skills have taken a graceful swan dive down the toilet. Bah, I'll improve one day! 

Wednesday: there was a poorly structured zone activity that the ZL's didn't really even come to, so I don't know what happened there. Sister Larsen and I just kicked a soccer ball back and forth. My coordination skills are on point!
We found all of these jeans at the house so we did a little bit of acrobatics while trying to put them on... when you've been eating deep fried foods for over a year and only been wearing skirts things like 'skinny jeans' are not physically possible. 

Thursday: MASSIVE BROWN OUT!! Life was not fun, and when we went home in the night it was so creepy, it was pitch black and there was this one abandoned tricycle on the road with just an eery blue light shining from it so THAT wasn't fun.
Junnah and Annalie came to work with us, and i somehow got suckered in to Junnah trying to do my eyebrows, but she did it dark so i felt like a clown hahahha, it was fabulous. 

Friday: i made the anak start week 11 early, so she led weekly planning.
these little kids were being loud during a lesson, playing with this plastic bottle, so when they threw it on the ground I picked it up and hid it, and the little boy got SUPER mad at me and went to tell his aunt, (we were teaching the grandmother she didnt even care... and neither did his aunt) so i gave the bottle back to him and he HIT me with it! The little stinker hit me with a coke bottle. I just started laughing.
we went down this abandoned road, looking for these people for the elders, come to find out later, it's super dangerous out there so it's a good thing we survived. #blessed. 

Saturday: we got a call in the morning that there was no water because of the huge brown out and the reserve water had been used to water the grass at the church, so there wasn't going to be water for the baptism, so we were freaking out, not sure what we were going to do, we tried to find a clean beach to go to, and we were stressed all day, and then an hour before the baptism was supposed to happen, the water came back on!! SUCCESS!!! The baptism was super nice, I've been working with him for 4 months so i was happy to see it come together. 

Sunday: I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and i got a little bit teary eyed. I love San Carlos. Hooray for dinner appointments!!! Lumpia and chicken!!! 

Monday: We got to help translate for a temple recommend interview, it was super nindot nga opportunity. It was a long day, the Dunne's were nice and gave us a ride home from Trozo, so shining moments to them!!
It's always weird when the STL's leave for MLC, the house is always so mingaw! 

Tuesday: PUNTeD gihapon.. our golden investigator is avoiding us:( i don't know what happened. I managed to do a weeks worth of laba in only an hour and a half, i think i should get an award!

Wednesday: just going to go pay our bills. It's sister larsen's last pday in the mission field so we are going to have fun, relax. I'm sad, I don't want her to go. It's always really hard saying goodbye to missionaries that i love!! 

Anyways: I love being a missionary!!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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