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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bukid, Beaches, Small Dipper

Okay... I don't think I'll be sending pictures because this Internet Shop is super sketch... So until we find a better one.. I'm sorry about that too because Aloguinsan is a BEAUTIFUL AREA! As in! We have bukid, we have white sand beaches, and everything in between. It's hands down the prettiest area of my mission. And, it's close to my first area! I asked the STL's that on our exchanges if we could maybe go and visit my Recent Converts from Toledo! 

My companion is Sister Corachea, she's 23, she's a med tech, she's from Batangas, which makes her my 2nd companion from Batangas. She's in her follow up training, so she still uses a lot of Tagalog, but I'm learning a lot from her! I love her! 

Wednesday: my last day with my beloved anak, Sister Angar. We (sister angar, sister perez, and jen) all went to People's Park and took a bunch of pictures with all the miniature buildings. You feel like a giant in People's Park, it was a lot of fun! We went to the Reantuco's for the last time and they fed me my favorite for dinner, misua and sardines, and pusit! I cried leaving their house. And then we went to Joy's and I had to say goodbye to her, and I cried there too! I love the people in San Carlos, it's such a beloved area to me. 

Thursday: I got up, did my last minute packing... lingered around the house waiting for the ZL's to come pick us up... they took us to Pantallan and we all did like an assembly line with the luggage to get it all onto the barge. I spent the ride on the barge talking to Sister Biolena and Sister Kahoalii, it felt like 2 transfers ago when the three of us were riding to Cebu to pick up our anaks, and now we are all done training. The mission is dali kaayo. 

I met Sister Shirley (the follow up trainer of my anak, she was on her way to San Carlos) and I told her "take care of sister angar!!!" I met Sister Corachea in Toledo, and she immediately asked me if i was hungry at we went to mcdo. That is the RIGHT QUESTION to ask your travel exhausted companion. We got on a jeepney for an hour to go to Aloguinsan, and then called the Elder's to take my luggage upstairs to our apartment, so very nice.
That night we walked to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE BUKID in the PITCH BLACK DARK with only flashlights, to get to an investigator. the upside of it was that i caught a firefly. it's the first time i've seen one in real life.. i think, anyways it was cool. 

Friday: everyone thinks i'm sister quinney, it takes them about 5 minutes to take a good look at me and go "OH you're new!" well mao gani!
We finished an appointment and went down the side of this mountain to FTE and there's all this white sand and clean clear water and it was magical gyud!
We visited our IBD Cyrus, and are helping him prepare for his baptism next week. He's 10 years old but he's so serious some times it makes me laugh. 

I was trying to explain the constellations to S. Corachea and so i mentioned about the Big Dipper and the little dipper and then later that night we were walking home and she looks up and goes "oh, it's the small dipper!" I laughed so hard!
There's a part of our area, you stand on this bridge and look out to the water and it's like 4 different colors of bright blue it's so pretty! 

Saturday: Cyrus had his interview for his baptism and he passed so he's all good to go!
We went to an appointment at a less active's house and they were trying to get me to impersonate Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games. 

Sunday: We had a successful PEC after church. I was pleased, things seem to be working here in Aloguinsan branch. 

Monday: Nanay Coring came to work with us! she's so good, she loves to work with missionaries even though she's in her 70's! She walks all over with us, and never complains! #rockstar
We had a wala'y klaro zone council. nothing was counseled, so i'm confused as to the point of it. all we did was eat so i think it just constitutes as a lunch.
The Elder's called when we were planning and said they were going to stop by the apartment on their way home and give something to us. so i said jokingly, if it isn't food i don't want it. it was a white chocolate toblerone! I was like, "WHUT?!?" BUOTAN!!! MABAIT!!! NICE!!! 

Tuesday: Nay Coring worked again, (and she's going to work on thursday daw) Sister Corachea made me lunch #BLESSED. she made dulingan (fish) and monggo beans with pork chop and then we had latu (seaweeds) in vinegar and onions. SO DELICIOUS!!
Iris took us on a short cut, and we found another beach. They are popping up everywhere here! I'll try to send pictures at some point in my life hahah.
I love Sister Corachea, we are ALWAYS laughing, she's so much fun! There's never a boring or quiet moment! She thinks I'm crazy haha, but it's okay! 

I know we are going to see miracles in Aloguinsan this transfer!
I love being a missionary!

-Sister Katrina Dunn

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