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Sunday, March 13, 2016


They are currently playing Lady Gaga's best hits in this ghetto Gaisano and I'm getting a headache. I used to think I liked Lady Gaga. No, I don't actually. Took a while to figure that one out.

Sister Quero gave me this massive seashell from Sipaway.. It made me think of something from ZTM. What you see may not be what you hear. Open your spiritual eyes and ears :D
This week was interesting. And fabulous, but my life always is.
News Update: I am officially caught up on my journal, but that partially has to do with the fact that Sister Larsen went home, and I'm not overly chica'ing with anyone.

Wednesday: Sister Larsen's last p-day. Go big or go home. I picked up the pencil skirts I had made. She made them 4 inches shorter than I wanted... It's at a questionable length. The struggle is real. I bought a pair of knock-off Ray Bans, because they were cheap and no one is ever going to know the difference in America. We had a shirt made, it's fabulous. And we went to the Merkado and I saw a guy there that had worked with me and Sister Conjelado in Toldeo A YEAR AGO! and he remembered me. Wut?!? Also, I took a nap. P-day success. 

Thursday: We were tracting in San Jose and we met 2 cows named Sofna and Asnar. You might not think this means much, but it does, because they were HALF HOLSTEIN. American's take holstein cows for granted, but when they don't exist in the Philippines, and neither do the words "fresh dairy" it means quite a lot. Also I saw baby turkeys, and if you think baby chickens are cute, you should see baby turkeys.
I mention all these things because on Thursday there was much walking and much punting and I'm trying to focus on the upside. That night when we walked up to Clark's house I could see through the kawayan that he was reading the Bible I got him for Christmas. He's so awesome. 

Friday: Sister Angar ROCKED weekly planning. I was proud. A member told us a story about how 2 snakes got in a fight and one of them died, and so the other one went and got tree bark and then brought it back and used it to heal and bring the snake back from the dead.... and as a result of that she bought a serum made from this tree bark that would heal all her wounds but then she used it all to help her neighbors and she doesn't have it anymore. 

Saturday: ZTM. Burgers and Beer (its the name of the restaurant, I'm not drinking beer I promise), all in all a good morning. But then we went to a lesson with one of our investigators, and after talking about the "wheat and the chaff" in ZTM i saw it in person. The whole lesson her son was yelling from the other room. "WE AREN'T GOING TO CONVERT SIS, STOP TRYING SIS!" and he was being really rude and sarcastic. We invited him to join but he was like "I'm busy." yea he was busy giving us a hard time
We ran into our american again, the one that debated with me last time as well. The pain NEVER ends I swear. But he was at least nice this time. He was buying a beat up 1976 Honda Motorcycle, he restores them as a hobby. He was buying it from our investigator.
My last night of chica with sister Larsen, it was sad. 

Sunday: in the morning. in the mourning. I wish I could explain my feelings whenever Sister's that I love go home. It's really difficult. But we had to say goodbye.
We got pretty punted by our investigators. One of them was having a celebration for her baby's baptism that we walked in on, that was awkward. Note to self, avoid awkward moments. 

Monday: Junnah worked with us. It was fabulous. Having an RM work with you is so effective. because they know how to teach, and the share just the right amount. 

Tuesday: We went to one of our investigators who is quite elderly. she told us that she was upset because last night her husband came home drunk. I was about 100% that her husband had passed away so i asked her, "nay, diba namatay imong bana?" and she's like yea, but I fought with him last night?" so Sister angar asks her "in your dream?" and she's like "no, last night, but he died not that long ago.." so we were really confused. and then she asked us where our third companion was and we were really confused because it had only ever been the 2 of us to come and teach her, but she was certain there was 3 of them. 

Anyways Transfer calls came and I'm going to Aloguinsan which is known for being a hard area. I'm follow up training again. It's an area just south of cebu so I feel like I just went full circle in my mission. I'm right back where I started. Sigh.. when I work with the STL's it will be in my first area, which could either be a blessing or a curse.. 

Anyways... I'll just keep smiling. I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

This is traditional clothing for festivals in the Philippines. The Quero's let me try it on.

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