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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
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Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Family!! Okay, what is this, and everyone getting married? #startled.
This week was up and down but we saw many miracles!! Success!! 

Wednesday: Sister Corachea and I decided to save our money, so we went to Pinamungajan and went to the sister's MASSIVE apartment and chica'ed and i left a sticky note trail for Sister Atienza because she was going to be the new missionary there. 

Thursday: we got up early, got on a big jeep that was blasting the best hits of Madonna, and headed to Toledo. I spent a good 4 hours sitting inside of the McDo there. transfer day is... long, and tiring, especially if there is a change in the companionship. just saying. I put sister corachea on the barge and waved goodbye as she headed to her 2nd area! She's growing up so fast hehe! 

And then miracle of all miracles, my lovely Sister Hartog showed up.. I haven't seen her since my 3rd area so you can imagine my excitement when i saw her again! I squealed and hugged her and we chica'ed until the new companions came and life was fab. We threw coins into the bay and let little kids swim to get them. yes, that's a thing, and it's awesome.
Sister Avenila got to Toledo and she was so tired that she slept in the jeepney on the way home, and that is a HARD thing to do.. because they are not super comfortable. 

Friday: area is progressing. except for nanay that likes to read the bible, she read from the book of mormon and said "your bible is so different!" and we had to reteach that its not a bible, and she promised she'd read it! so yay!!
many people here are being gahi towards us, it feels like satan is getting to everyone first, but jesus still wins every time. we are still seeing progress.. 

Saturday: we went to G and she told us that she is moving to the city, i was SOO SAD!!! no she can't be moving, she's so good!! I encouraged to find the church there and go there. 

Sunday: i taught gospel principles again. we had a new investigator in class, and she was super interested! we went to her house after church and she's really super good! 

Monday: I was eating a snickers and one of the elders looked at me and says... "headache?" the whole zone knows that when i eat a snickers i have a headache. I almost started laughing. We had a really successful day, we were able to achieve all of our goals. also jefferson passed his interview for his baptism so it should be this saturday! 

Tuesday: we went back to the new investigator C, she had read the pamphlet and she had watched the restoration video by herself and she had a lot of really good questions, she's sooo receptive!! We were overjoyed!! and then, the cherry on top: while we were walking home last night, we were super exhausted from hiking all day, and we got a text from G, she decided not to move to the city and she really wants us to come back!! We have another appointment on thursday!! woohoo!! so miracles for sure here in aloguinsan! 

I love my new companion, she is a really good missionary! our lessons are electric, the spirit is so strong.
I love being a missionary!
-Sister Dunn

Friday, April 22, 2016


Wednesday: we had a last zone lunch @ mang inasal.. i've decided i like the pecho better than the paa. just sayin. at the house my companion took a nap and i was bored so i drew a picture of her on a sticky note and stuck it on her hand and she was so scared she jumped up haha. 

Thursday: we had a successful day, considering we spent the first part of the week in Toledo and we didn't have the chance really to work in our area. Our new investigator G, the one that was taught before is really progressing! Bad news though, one of our investigators didn't come back on Sunday because he was staying in the city to work. 

Friday: We met this nanay, and we sit down to teach her, and she starts talking about the bible. She reads the bible every day.. I NEVER meet investigators that read the scriptures every day, i was just like "whaaaat???" it was so cool, because when we were testifying of the book of mormon, we were showing her a scripture in 3 nephi, and she was like "that sounds familiar." and i was like "it's in the bible too!" man it was so cool.

later when we went to a members house, one of the pigs escaped in the middle of the lesson and the daughter was screaming chasing it around the yard it was so funny.
Sister Corachea during nightly planning was trying to make a reference in visaya and she says.. "bungol ug upaw." and i just look at her for a minute and say "Deaf and bald? What are you talking about?" and then we both die laughing and i say "do you mean deaf and mute?" apparently mute in tagalog is upaw.. but in visaya its bald so... language barriers hahhahahhaha

Saturday: one of our to-be IBD's moved back to the city... ugh.. wala na cya. we treated ourselves to ice cream and we took it to Nay Fely's house and she got us Butong, and life was fabulous. 

Sunday: I taught gospel principles, abrahamic covenant. whew.. we ate escaveche at a members house and it was delicious!!! i have the recipe, so i'll make it when i come home. 

Monday: we got a new stove and electric fans, because the old ones were so bad and broken. We feel so fancy now when we cook. so miracle of all miracles, on sat and sun we went to G but she wasn't home both times so we were like, ugh.. is she punting us? does she not want to be taught? so we were feeling pretty discouraged but we tried again on monday, and she was home! and when she saw us her face just lit up!! She's the one that was taught a year ago but then moved. During the lesson we asked how she liked being taught and she said that she really wanted to learn more, she was worried that the two days were we missed each other we wouldnt want to go back to her, and she was really hoping we would come back because she wants to learn. I wanted to fist bump! 

Tuesday: we had a long/fast day, i can't describe it, transfer call day is kuyaw.. sister corachea is going to mabini, and my new companion is sister avenila! Who was my co-zone in san carlos, and she's hilarious, so of course i am thrilled! we are going to have so much fun. 

Wednesday: this morning my companion read me a passage out of the red handbook about how Return missionaries need to get married when they get home and she says "and now sister, that you are in the last 12 weeks of your mission you need to remembers this" i was speechless like "WHATTTTT???"" she's too fresh ahhahahha, but i love her.
Seeing miracles in Aloguinsan!
I love being a missionary!
Sister Katrina Dunn

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Back to the Start

GEN CON weekend is the supreme.. just saying. here we go:)

Wednesday: We had a zone activity at Tajao Beach, it was good, we played volleyball.. and on the way back to Pinamungajan.. yess you guessed it.. THE TRICYCLE BROKE DOWN!! 2 times a charm I say.. we had to walk all the way back to the merkado and catch a tricycle there... painn.... i say.. 

Thursday: ZTM in the morning. We FTE'D all day, and it was good, we were working towards meeting our goal!! we got punted again.. same old same old. 

Friday: we helped tatay make brooms, which is super fun to do.. and relaxing just saying. we went to nanay later and she got us butong and banana and we just ate and it was fabulous and then she let us share with her. 

Saturday: GEN CONF!!! all parts of it was amazing.. i loved all the talks... but the best part was...

Sunday: Jeffrey R. Hollands epic talk. and the picture of the dinosaur.. all of the messages we heard were about children.. look out rising generation, you're the elect! 

Monday: we had another CSP of making brooms. I'm getting good, i just know I am. We had to take an early jeepney to toledo because we have exchanges. We went to the Cannons for dinner and they fed us chicken salad sandwiches and they gave us a ride to the STL's apartment! they are so nice!!!! 

Tuesday: I worked with Sister Woodmansee in my first area... back to Toledo again. I got to see Kyla! I was so excited.. after that though we got really punted so we prayed and then right when we said amen, this woman walked up and we were able to teach her.. tender mercies of the Lord!!
SO MUCH MORE HAPPENED, but I am out of time.. i love you all dearly!! 

I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

Monday, April 11, 2016


Mission life continues to be inspiring and hard work. Just keep swimming daw...
Wednesday: we went directly to Toledo, the jeepney ride always makes me sick... we went to get the paperwork for our apartment signed when we came back, and the landlord has ALL OF THE LAND BEFORE TIME MOVIES ON DVD!! I was in absolute awe... brought back so many memories. 

Thursday: Zone interviews. I love zone interviews, it's always a reassurance, knowing that I'm on the path I'm supposed to be on. We met and taught this man and he has a ton of questions. He was converted to his religion in 2012 but he still has a bunch of unanswered questions. It was an interesting lesson, but good.
Someone graduated so they killed a goat and 2 chickens to eat for the celebration. We passed by their house and saw all the hair and I was like "oh, what died?" hahah, delicious!! but we didn't eat any, but it smelled nice. 

Friday: I'm studying humility right now, i decided it's a big thing i need to work on right now. As a mission we are each choosing a christlike attribute to work on, that's what i chose.
We were given a bunch of free star apple. we went back to one of our investigators and she was so happy to see us again. She's so nice, I have big hopes for her :D 

Saturday: We went to Toledo for general women's session of GC and it was really good! I loved the theme of service! Neill Marriott's talk was my favorite, i felt like she was talking to me personally.
Duterte, the mayor of Davao, the one running for president in the philippines was visiting Toledo so traffic was a madhouse. And on the ride home, we are in the middle of nowhere in Bato and THE JEEPNEY BROKE DOWN!! I was like... PAGSURE!! we all had to get out and wait on the side of the road for the next jeepney to come along. I never thought i would be victim to a broken down jeepney... as carlotta says in phantom of the opera: these things do happen! 

Sunday: I almost had to teach primary, but one of the elders wanted to do it. I dodged a bullet there. one of our investigators hid from us, but I went to the other side of the house and said "SISTER, HOW ARE YOU!" and she came out and was nice, and let us come in. We helped her take the corn kernels off the cob (i don't know how to say it in english) nagtang2x me sa mais.. 

Monday: TIng's had tocino... and they had empanada apparently, but i didn't see it and my companion told me about it later.. so i didn't get any..
we tracted some more. went back to one of our investigators, we had a really powerful lesson on the book of mormon. She still had her old copy from when she was taught before. 

Tuesday: we tracted all day, saw little success, but no effort is wasted!! 

Wednesday: we have a zone activity later, hopefully it goes well and we have fun :D
99.. problems 
99.. miracles daily :D
99.. days.
Make it count! ;)
I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

Monday, April 4, 2016

Semana Santa

Wednesday: i wrote a bucket load of pouch to everyone in the mission that i love. that night when we left the apartment to work i touch my chest and realized i didn't have my tag so sister corachea starts laughing and goes "you're not a missi... OH NO!" she had forgotten her tag too!! we were laughing so hard, we ran back to the apartment to put them back on. 

Thursday: we continue to tract... #misyon lyfe. and we met this girl who was super friendly and we taught her but she turned out to be surprisingly gahi for a 20 year old. i fed a dancing cow coconut leaves... life continues to be thrilling.

Friday: Good Friday.. still don't understand why it's called good friday... we were fed banignit 4 TIMES!!! i liked it the first time, i was ready to puke by the end of the night. I felt so sick!! note to future missionaries to serve in cebu mission. BUDGET HOW MUCH BANIGNIT YOU EAT ON GOOD FRIDAY! my companion pronounced 'monopoly' like this... mo no pole e and i about died laughing. 

Saturday: THE WEDDING!!! of Jeofre and Jovanni, we're helping him get some things figured out so that he can be baptized. They are so good!! i've been to several weddings now in my mission.
we needed a kuyog so we could teach cyrus so we went over to the neighbors where i knew a member lived and.. SHE HID FROM US IN THE BATHROOM!! so that was fun, we could hear her trying not to make noise, hahah i was trying not to laugh.
also.. LECHON BABOY because there was a fiesta, thank you, it's fabulous. 
Sunday: there's an italian in the branch and i struggle to talk in english, i keep reverting to visaya, the struggle is real. we had a really good lesson on sunday about the priesthood, it was really good to see the less actives opening up about how they feel about the priesthood.there was a man in his late 30s there who was baptized as a child and hadnt been back to church since. he's making the small steps back. 

Monday: we found this woman who was taught before and then moved and now we found her!! she seemed really excited to have us back to teach her, im excited to see how she progresses. 

Tuesday: tracting.. again.... 

Sister Corachea and I are doing the hard work here in aloguinsan, and we are slowly but surely seeing the miracles!! 

I love being a missionary!!
-Sister Katrina Dunn