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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
2009 N 900 E Unit 112 Temple Complex-CJCLDS
Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I'm experiencing a truly difficult moment right now. In the location we are emailing they are blasting Paramore music and, the struggle is real. (Honestly it took me a really long time to write that sentence because I kept making English grammar mistakes). But alas, I will make it through. #strong. 
So I'm slacking on my journal, again. But I'm at least only a few days behind, I'll catch up later today. All is well. 

Wednesday: Haha, the support didn't come in till waaayy late so we had no money for groceries so we just went back to the apartment and Sister Larsen and I put funny captions on a bunch of pictures and were dying laughing. When there was finally kwarta naglakaw me didto sa Gaisano, kay wala'y lain. 

Thursday: The STL's had exchanges so we had lunch together. It was a slow afternoon, we got pretty punted, so we did a member visit to encourage missionary work. Then later we had an OST with a really nice nanay, I saw her through the gate so I just started talking to her, and then I asked her where the entrance was and then I just walked right in and we sat down and taught. 

Friday: We went back to our Nanay with the broken arm. poor thing. We stopped by one of our LA's as well but she was selling at her tindahan so she wouldn't let us teach her. Next time na lang... We went out to Castillo and Christian wasn't there so we were only able to teach Cristale Mae. And then we went to Gemma, she's still looking for a fish net hammock for me, I'm so happy! She's so thoughtful! She's going to look in Zamboanga when she goes. On the walk home we saw Larry and their little baby, the surgery is finished!!! His cleft lip is gone! I'm almost cried I was so happy! We just high fived because we got to be a tiny part in the whole process. 

Saturday: Exchanges with the favorite!! Sister Larsen and I worked together! We went up to Palampas and had a blast!! We taught Nanay and Tatay Ruben. It took me forever to get them to smile for the picture. They're so cute. They had this CR that the walls had gotten knocked down in Typhoon Yolanda so there's just this random toilet in the middle of their property so whenever missionaries go up there we have to take a picture with it hahah but I'm not going to send it :D 

We went to Nanay Carmen later in the day, and she's fabulous. She made us all these banana treats (ever since then she sends home little bags of food for us with the STL's) #HAYAHAY.
We had a busy afternoon, almost got debated with by one of their investigators but we followed the spirit and managed to divert him. I think he's progressing again.
#TIGER is an inside joke, but it applies SOO WELL to life and everything that happens when you get 2 foreigners walking around together in San Carlos. 

Sunday: I've started decorating the INSIDE of my planner hahah, it's looking fabulous. We had a boy come up to us in church and saw he wants to be baptized (it's exciting these things never happen for me), we still have to meet his parents and ask if its okay if we teach him. And hopefully teach his parents as well. 

Monday: We found a GOLDEN JUD investigator. She's hard core, she's so cool. Her major is Marine Engineering and she swims for 5 hours a day, and in her 3 year she's going to be dropped out of an airplane into the ocean and she has to swim to shore. She has so many questions and she's so receptive.
We had an apartment check after district meeting, kulbahan!! The Dunne's were kind and worked with us! I love working with them, they have such good testimonies!
There's this boy in our area, he's 16, and every time we see him he's NOT on the ground. So far we've caught him hanging in the gutters, on a roof, on a tindahan, in a banana tree, on a cement wall, and in a mango tree. It's so funny, his name's Jason we're just like "Hey Jason". 

Tuesday: Raymart told us this fabulous knock knock joke in visaya that I will have to say when I come home, although I'll be the only one that understands, but we died laughing. His baptism is this saturday! IT'S A GO!
Junnah worked with us, she's an RM, and she is FABULOUS! She's such a good teacher. we taught some REALLY GOOD lessons. We taught this one OST and I had this moment where the spirit LITERALLY spoke through me, I don't even remember what I said, I didn't even think about it, it just happened, and the woman just started opening up to us about her life. It was awesome!
We went to our RC's house and her teenage nephew comes out wearing a kimono it was so funny. It reminded me of New Girl with Schmidt is always wearing a kimono. 

Wednesday: We did grocery this morning before email, and there was some fear because the power is being shady today, it keeps browning out.
We have a zone activity later today, hopefully it will be fun.

I had a moment of fear yesterday, I don't have a lot of time left...
San Carlos is GROWING! We are seeing so much progress here, we are overcoming and winning!
I love being a missionary.

-Sister Katrina Dunn

Friday, February 19, 2016


I didn't write in my journal all week so I don't remember what happened.
Wednesday: i went to ukhay2x with Sister Larsen and she found a rockin batman t-shirt. 

Thursday:I had exchanges with Sister Perez, it was a lot of fun, we had a crazy day and ended up teaching a preacher of another church, who wanted to debate, at least he was nice about it. I learned a lot from Sister Perez, she's actually my batch going home, so we have the same amount of time left in the mission, it's so weird. Nanay Tessie asked for a copy of this picture so I'm going to print one for her. 

Friday: We OST'ed right off the bat. She's really sweet, we had a really nice lesson with her about the Restoration. She's 19 years old.
The Dunne's took us out to the Castillo family, all the little kids were excited to see them. That evening we had the interview for Raymart's baptism, he's all ready to go. I'm so excited for him, and to see all the progress he's made. 

Saturday: We practiced our song for the zone conference. Sister Larsen coerced me and Sister Anger into singing for the zone conference. We had a lesson with one of our nanays. She fell and broke her arm and they dont have money to go to the doctor so she's struggling right now, we're trying to help them figure out a plan.
We found another LA family, and they came to church on Sunday! We were so excited when we saw them walk up! And then at night was the baptism of Nanay Carmen, her story is amazing, but I don't have time to tell it right now. We went to support her, she's the RC of the other branches sisters. She made a ton of empanada and lumpia nga gulay so we were eating good! 

Sunday: we found a new investigator named Christopher. He's searching for the truth and he seems really good. We're excited to see how he progresses. 

Monday: District meeting. we went back to some of our other investigators, and were able to help them, we've had some really good spiritual lessons with them.
We found another new investigator, named Benji who is also searching for the truth. We are finding a lot of new miracles lately, it makes it exciting. 

Tuesday: Zone CONFERENCE!! I sang "I know that my redeemer lives" and probably embarrassed myself to the moon and back.
It was a really good conference, we watched the devotional from BYU hawaii by Elder Nelson, it was super good. We are true millennials! 

I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Yay!! Congratulations to Savannah!! Japan! That's incredible! Come join me here in the ring of Fire hahahh, you'll love the tropics, it's the best place to serve. Maybe I'll see you in the airport or something on my way home, we pass through Japan hahah, no... I think I miss you by just a few weeks, darn it :D Well, it'll fly by regardless. I know mine has!

Wednesday: I picked up my dress. I had another dress made for me, it's fabulous. She made it a little too loose, so me and Sister Larsen joke that it's my bag dress, but I still pull it off fabulously.
We took the Dunne's to the market to help them get fruits and vegetables. Since they are foreigners, people like to rip them off, we were trying to make sure that didn't happen.
We taught a boy about his covenants, he was baptized on Saturday. He's a child of record, his mom has such a good desire to go to the temple. 

Thursday: punted! punted again! (i was trying to make it sound like the line from Lion King). We went back to investigator, oi! She was so gahi! I couldn't believe it!
We taught Raymart (our IBD, he's the only member in his family joining the church) about his baptismal covenants, it's almost his baptism! 

Friday: Our LA's baby got bit by a puppy, which is apparently a cause for concern.. I heard that they are more likely to carry rabies, I don't know if that's true, maybe it is... One of the other families we teach, one of the boys had this creepy book called the Dollhouse Murders and he kept asking me what the big english words mean. 

Saturday: I taught my companion the word gullible by managing to convince her that there was a cat in the house. She fell for it hahha, it was pretty funny. We didn't have any small change to pay for plete so we had to walk everywhere, that can be remedied hopefully soon hahha, today perhaps. The boy was baptized, but there wasn't enough water in the font so it took a few tries to get it right. 

Sunday: One of the members we are working with is sad because her husband won't come to church (nonmember). That's one of our projects right now. We went to this other woman who LOVES to talk, I closed the lesson and she didn't hear me so Sister Angar had to close it again hahah, it was pretty funny. The Dunne's are fabulous and fed us a break the fast dinner of sloppy joes! I had 3. Yea, get on my level. And then I had 2 slices of chocolate cake. You only mission once. #YOMO

Monday: We found baby goats! So of course we picked them up and took pictures. On Tuesday we found another BRAND NEW BABY! HE was so cute! So many baby animals. This day though was kind of the day of creepy people, we kept running into creepy jud people, at one point we had to run hahah. There were guys outside of our apartment cutting coconuts so we bought some from them, because I miss buko juice! 

Tuesday: Our fridge had been stinky from some fish so we finally ate it, and the fridge already smells better. We got SOO punted, it's crazy. We practiced the interview questions with Raymart, so that he's ready to go for his interview this weekend. 

Everyone's doing like trunky talks hahha, this time will fly :D But I love you all!
I love being a missionary :D
-Sister Katrina Dunn

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Okay i need to bang this email out pretty quickly.. I'll just start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN AND SAVANNAH!! Hey savannah, I got my mission call two days after my 19th birthday, you're just like me! And Jordan, 34 isn't THAT old. You're still quite young, never fear.

Wednesday: i got sized for my dress by my mananahi, it should be done today! we'll go pick it up later. I also found this AWFUL twilight coloring book, it was made in china, i'll attach a picture.. it came with badly photoshopped stickers, so i'm laughing pretty hard. it was a scheduled fun day so we went THRIFT SHOPPING! 

Thursday: our less active force-fed me beco, it was pretty good but it made me feel kind of sick afterwards, but I'm alive, and it was worth it.
I GOT MY PACKAGE!! thanks to the lovely Dunne's for braving the sea and going to cebu to get it for me. shout out to debbie and my mom for all the goodies, we're loving it here at the house. especially the peanut butter. 

I also received the christmas card from the ward. brother sykes wrote in visaya, i was so excited! I was like "WHAT?!? WHO KNOWS VISAYA!! oh wait he served here hahhah, it was cool, i really appreciated the ward for doing that for me.
we convinced our IBD and his best friend to perform the chacha and tango for us, they are pretty good! 

Friday: PUNTED!! for three days i'll have you know... mahirap talaga if i'm using tagalog. A drunk man approached me, he had his address tattooed on his chest so he wont get lost. he tried to convince me his drink was 'original wine'. not sure what that means. we were just laughing, and then we just walked away. 

Saturday: feeling pretty discouraged, getting punted pretty badly. pressing forward regardless. our less active opened up to us about his past, we're working on helping overcome some pretty heavy obstacles.
A woman that tried to debate with me started to pet my head. I was not happy. 

Sunday: 2 of the YW were nice enough to work with us. Another person debated with me, or tried to. I refuse to debate, i just testify and leave it at that. spirit of contention will do NOTHING. the YW showed us around to a lot of the members, so that was really awesome, we have a better understanding of the area. 

Monday: We got to listen to the missionary broadcast, it was really good. I feel really blessed that the apostles felt to address us. It was really inspiriing, ive been trying to apply it to my work here. i've seen a huge upturn in the work since then. 

Tuesday: I got debated with, by 3 more people. I just listened quietly to them. The longer i get in my mission, the more difficult people i meet. I'll talk more about it when I come home, it's hard not to get flamed up over it. 

I just want to say that I'm grateful that the gospel has been restored in it's fullness on the earth. everything else is just a whisper, smoke, fragments of what we actually need. We are blessed to have prophets, and apostles today, and more than all of that, the book of mormon. the bible and the book of mormon truly work together. 

I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn