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6000 Cebu, Philippines

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Years (wala'y resolution)

January 6th. Exactly 1 year ago was my last day as a normal person. I remember getting set apart, with the best blessing, and then sitting in the living room of my home with Debbie and Logan discussing mission life, terrified out of my mind, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and I think on the plane I did a weird mixture of the two.

Tomorrow is my one year since I entered the MTC. I think of all the amazing people I've met, and I don't want to get nostalgic but I have a lot of thank you's to extend when I come home. I have the most amazing support system. I love you all!

Wednesday: We had a district activity. I watched them play, so that I could write in my journal, but then a group of 11 year old boys sat with me and we talked for a few minutes, so I was successfully distracted. The store was so busy so we did our shopping at the Mercado. It's okay, I'm native now.

Thursday: I got asked by my recent convert if animals could talk in the garden of eden, i think she was a little disappointed when I told her that they were just normal animals. We went to the Dunne's that night (sister Angar made tsamporado, my favorite!) to watch movies as a zone. We were supposed to watch Inside Out and Big Hero 6 which I was SUPER excited for, but inside out wouldn't download so we watched BH6 and Frozen. Sad to say I've never been so disappointed to watch Frozen. It was still enjoyable. 

At midnight was one of the loudest things I've ever experienced. People were setting off bombs and fireworks. In the Philippines, the objective is to, at midnight, make as much noise as you possibly can. It was fun, but I was exhausted, and as missionaries, it is impossible to catch up on sleep. 

Friday: EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED! It was difficult. 

Saturday: Our IBD's are giving me a hard time. I'm still working at it. I love them, and I want them to come to church. 

Sunday: So we went to their house to pick them up and they refused to come with because one of them was kind of sick. Okay, we will keep working at this, because I want them to succeed. I don't give up easy.
I finally cooked the pasta and mashed potatoes you sent me Mom and Debbie. They were delicious. No i have not yet seen a sighting of the package, but I have a hope that it will appear tomorrow!
I consumed more food on Sunday than any human should. I couldn't stop eating, I don't know why. Oh and I gave Clark his very own bible for Christmas, so we went to his house and talked about it with him. He's the most diligent 13 year old to read the scriptures ever! And his grandma, nanay po is the best! 

Monday: Exhausted does not look good on me. We practice taught on the Dunne's. In English. It was so hard! I'm not a good missionary in the english language. I have very limited abilities. They wanted to come work with us, so we went to our IBD's and she opened up more to us about what's holding her back. We went to my favorite LA and we're trying to help her get married. I saw some real miracles there, I see her faith building. She's so strong. 

We went to Trozo to the Castillo family whom I LOVE and ADORE! They are the best.
Tuesday: we finally managed to pay our electric bill. We waited in line for 1 hour and a half. Have pity on me please, it was a madhouse. At least the teller was still kind and not in a bad mood, that's good. 

The security guard at 7/11 started making fun of me because I eat there all the time. They have cranberry juice, don't judge! and their hot dogs, y'all know I love hot dogs.
We went to San Jose, Rosie is doing do good! She's coming to church, she just has to. Of all the problems in mission life, getting investigators to church has to be the hardest. 

Wednesday: The construction on our street this morning was SOO LOUD! Studying was difficult. But we're alive. I have no plans today, just boring shopping. Maybe something crazy will happen that I can tell you about next week. 

San Carlos is my hardest area, but I LOVE IT! I'm stretching and growing, and it's always a challange, but I'm stronger now than I've ever been before. Tomorrow is one year. that only leaves 6 months. See you all then. Kita kits, halong mo!
I love being a missionary!
Sister Katrina Dunn

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