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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Pig

This week was wala'y klaro. If you speak visaya then you will know what I'm talking about. There was a lot of crazy/interesting things! 

Wednesday: There was a zone activity.. i think it goes down in history as the craziest zone activity ever. We go out to Calingling with the Dunne's and meet the rest of the zone there. We are right by this river and everyone is working hard to prepare the food. We have people skinning bananas, cracking open coconuts, scraping the coconut out of the shell, building what looks like a fire altar out of stones and banana tree trunks, and then me and my companion organized the vegetables.
So the zone leader shows up with a pig, pulling it behind him with a rope around his neck. When I was told we were going to eat pig, i didn't imagine we would see it alive. But alas, it arrived alive. The elder's ended up killing it (it was very loud, lot of blood, can't say I've ever seen anything quite like it before), preparing it, and putting in this homemade altar oven thing. It cooked so fast, and it was super delicious. I think our zone should get a reward. 

Thursday: We deep cleaned the apartment. It needed it badly. We spent a good 30 minutes looking for a less active. We found her singing in the videokehan. Mom, she sang "when you say nothing at all" and dedicated it to you. Just letting you know. Later that day we saw our investigator also singing videoke at the top of her lungs so we couldn't teach her... we're losing everyone to videoke.
This tatay we always walk past in campo 7 finally told us his name. tatay mente.
We had an FHE with the Lopez family, had a lot of fun. 

Friday: went out to eat for lunch, witnessed a guy from canada have a fit over his food because he didn't like the turkey. peasant..
I met the CUTEST little girl on a tricycle, she's 5, her name is Babylyn. she reminds me of Taylor, she kept asking me a bunch of questions.
Saturday: We got papers organized so one of the baby's of our less active can have a free cleft lip surgery! I hope it works out,their baby is so cute.
we were late to district conference because they told us it started at 5,, but it actually started at 4.... ka-awkward. 

Sunday: I ran out of milk. rough morning. District conference was really good. I really enjoyed the talks, we're trying to help sancarlos become a STAKE! It's going to happen, I can feel it.
I made this american flag out of these block things and it looked like a rocket so I called it a "freedom rocket" like those popsicles in america. we followed up with this member family on their reading, they haven't read since last year. I'm shocked by how few members of the church actually read their scriptures daily. I need to step up when I come home. 

Monday: we led zone language study, it was a blast. jokes... but i love having a native speaker as my companion. we met this old drunk tatay putting pink lipstick all in his beard so that he could "get rid of the white hairs" he found the tube on the side of the road. 

Tuesday: Some man walked into our lesson and tried to debate with me. I've been getting that a lot lately in my mission. I don't know why.. i think it's to help build my patience and kindness.... i'm getting sent the difficult people now.. I'm a seasoned missionary apparently.
the past few days have been really rainy and cold so we heated water and I had my first hot shower in the past year. It was glorious, i forgot how good it feels. all y'all are lucky with your hot water just saying. 

Love and miss you all!
I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn
P.s. we made our plates out of coconut tree leaves. #fabulous #bukidlife

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