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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
2009 N 900 E Unit 112 Temple Complex-CJCLDS
Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The One Year

I'm almost finished writing in this journal. That will be 4 journals filled in only 1 year. I've been kind of slacking lately. Only doing a page. I used to do like 2-3. At least I have something written. Cge... this week. 

Wednesday: Surprise interviews with President. Mine was good. :D But that's all I'm gonna say! SECRET!! 

Thursday: My one year mark. Officially. We celebrated with balut. Which by the way I have eaten 4 times this week alone. I haven't taken pictures yet, maybe next time. 

Friday: We shared about the Atonement with our recent converts and their family. It was a really good lesson. they are an example of a family who has sacrificed everything for each other. They are amazing. 

Saturday: We were teaching a lesson and the neighbor across the tiny path had a very loud argument with herself, and so we had to close the lesson because there was no spirit. One of our LAs knows what she needs to be doing, but she's being lazy... and not doing it. We're trying to help her.
I ate balut, but it was only 16 days so it wasn't very good, so i moved up to 18 days, much better. 

Sunday: many small miracles. we had an MCM, and were able to discuss the work. it was really good to see the involvement of the branch. I was so happy.
There was a broadcast for the philippines area, and it was late getting started so we missed most of it, but what we did see was good. They talked about the goals for multi generational families in the philippines, and also keeping the sabbath day holy.
one of our favorite members fed me bananas and sinkamas. 

Monday: I've been learning tagalog. I'm getting pretty good if i do say so myself. I'm learning it through visaya because it translates better than through english.
We got in this tricycle and this woman took a selfie with me without asking, so i just smiled really big haha, I'm famous here. jokes!!
We read to gemma out of 3rd nephi 11 because it's her favorite story in the book of was really neat getting to read it aloud with her. she loved it. 

We went to get balut again, and when I peeled the first part of the shell off the little duck head was right there and I was like "hold up, usually I don't see it" so i was a little bit apprehensive, but i just drank the sabaw out of it and peeled the rest of the shell off, and put some salt and vinegar on it. and then when I tried to shove the whole thing in my mouth, the body broke away form the rest of the balut and fell into my hand, so I'm just holding this dead baby duck in my hand and chewing what actually got into my mouth and my companion just goes "come on sister dunn, you can do it, that's the best part!" so i take one more look and the adorable little beak and feet and eyes and then I pop it in my mouth and start chewing., I think I'm a changed person. Then I ate a second one. delicious. 

Tuesday: a long difficult day. sigh, it wasn't too bad. I think we're making progress with one of our investigators so that's good. 

Oh family, i love the philippines. It's my favorite.
I was reading in Mosiah 8:20 this morning and what struck me was the fact that the lord continutes to 'suffer with us' even when we're off the path. It made me feel better, how much he loves us and is willing to keep going along with us. He wont leave us alone.
I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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