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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oh My Gulay

I started my 5th journal this week. Journal #4 was the biggest one so it took a whopping 5 months to fill in. I have many journal goals for when I come home as well, that's something I wish I did more as a teenager.

Wednesday: We had a productive day at the market, buying fruits and vegetables and fish. (BTW we cooked the fish later and it was delicious! its called bilongbilong). we're trying to eat more fresh foods instead of chips and other snacks. Hence, the homemade popcorn as well. Char. 

Thursday: I got hit with a mad cold and cough. I've been coughing all week. i think that is my biggest challenge on my mission, i can't stay well for very long. i think my health is almost back.
We taught a less active who stomped around her house like a 5 year old, i felt my patience being tested but i endured. Loving kindness, kana lang.
Shout out to the Reantuco's for feeding us Lechon Manok for dinner, still one of my favorites.
Friday: the ever thrilling weekly planning. we taught a woman who spoke mostly in Illongo so I had no idea what was going on. okay, i had a little bit of an idea, but it's quite different from the language I've been speaking for the past year.
some woman on a random trike kept taking pictures of me on her cell phone.
Also Cristale Mae, one of our recent converts is an absolute rock star. She's 12 and she took her book of Mormon to school so she could share with her friends. i was so proud of her example. I love the Castillo family. 

Saturday: sister Angar and I took a nice walk in the morning, and a pack of stray dogs wouldn't let us walk down one street so we had to back track. they just told us to leave, barking at us and such. "okay okay, we get the message"
We got asked if we were nuns... that was pretty funny. I bought a refillable star wars cup from 7/11, Kaylyn you have have it when I come home considering you like it so much. also, we don't know who the character is on the side of it, but he's wearing all black and he has a red light-saber so we just call him Satan.
there was a woman on one of the trikes who wanted to debate about religion, but all the stuff she was saying was a bunch of lies, i think she'd been misinformed. 

Sunday: Sister Angar gave a beautiful talk on reverence in sacrament meeting. It was so quiet, it was nice.
We learned about the tree of life in sunday school, we need to hold fast to the rod of iron. buot pasabot WE NEED TO READ OUR SCRIPTURES. somehow that doesn't click enough with people.
We went to a less active, she's only 15. she was skipping school with a bunch of her friends. bad environment, i wish she'd just remember what she knew before, and realize what she needs to do.
Trying not to get tired, trying to keep going here. I do love San Carlos, it's just truly difficult as well. that may have less to do with the area, and more to do with the fact that missions are just hard. staying optimistic, imma keep smiling :D

I love being a missionary!
Sister Katrina Dunn

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