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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2 weeks: Casororo Falls and pythons

i guess i owe you like 2 weeks of happenings but... umbot maybe i might be too lazy for that... sorryyyyyy... okay fine i'll do it. 

wednesday: we finally took a picture with the dumaguete sign. the one that has a hashtag and says "i heart dumaguete". i can't believe it has taken me so long, considering i've been in the dumaguete area for the last 6 months. i printed a bunch of joseph b wirhtlin talks, they are beautiful, i think sundays will come is my favorite one ever. 
we watched the restoration video at an investigators house but the remote wasn't working and it wouldn't go past tagalog so we had to watch it in tagalog, they all understood, we did not. 

thursday: we fte'd this man who we had fte'd before and he said 'follow me, my friends want to meet you' well we had already met his friends, and they had been drinking the last time, so we asked 'brother, are your friends drunk' and he said 'oh no' and so we started walking with him and then about halfway there he goes 'well they've been drinking but they aren't drunk!' and we are just like 'BROTHER' and so when we get there, we're talking to all of them and then one of them says 'i'll go get it' and we were like 'what is he going to get?' and then he comes back with a massive python! and he's like 'do you want to hold it?' we decided to forego all holding of exotic animals for safety reasons. 
we also taught a lesson to a woman who didn't have chairs, and was like 'just come back another time' but i got smart and went and grabbed a fallen coconut and so we sat on fallen coconuts and she sat on a tree stump and we taught her and it was just fine. who says you need chairs.
on the way home we saw this man with a stick playing with a giant crab on the side of the highway, nowhere near to ocean so i am trying to figure out how he got there. 

friday: we were tracting looking for this woman and while we were looking for her we had an ost with this really elect guy, and after that we were still looking for her and we met this other really funny guy who was like 'i'll help you find her, is it okay if you walk, about 60 meters with me in that direction' and then he pointed down the street. when we found her house she did not in fact want to talk to us (the reason it took so long to find her is because she lied about her name) but the man was like 'yes, mission accomplished' and then said 'up here!' and high fived us.
it was one of the land lords birthdays so when we got back to the apartment they had a giant feast and invited us to sit in, it was delicious, i ate so much bbq pork. and there was chocolate cake. #blessings. 

saturday: we went back to our ost from the day before, he is actually really elect, just letting you all know. we went to go get pinaypay but it was all gone, so we convinced the lady to cook more and we went and got it later.
we taught fernando and he was telling us about the last battle in ether, and everytime he talked about the lamanites he looked at me and said 'you ancestors doon' because i had told him in a previous lesson that i was related to native americans. its so funny. 

sunday: one of our investigators dropped us, that was hard. we met a bunch of kids who showed us their dance for buglasan festival. 

monday: we got ice cream from 7/11 before district meeting, it was delightful. except fate stepped in and i spilled it on myself. like a messy baby.. i went on exchanges with sister balagtas, one of the stl's and i had a lot of fun working in Amlan. we got clams for dinner and dipped them in vinegar and they were sooo good. 

tuesday: we met another elect family, and this was the day i stepped in the mysterious puddle and rinsed off my foot in the ocean. 

wednesday: casororo falls! it was so much fun, it looked like washington and made me kind of homesick, just sayin. but it was beautiful, and it wasnt hot up in the mountains, it was perfect delicious temperature. Sister quinney slipped and fell in while trying to make the jump from one rock to the other, and i accidentally knocked over this rock tower that someone had created. 

thursday: we feasted on corn on the cob for lunch. delicious. one of our trike drivers that we've befriended here gave us a free ride, #benefits
we got an ost because sister quinney closed her eyes and spun in a circle counting with her arm outstretched and when she got to the number that i had said we walked in that direction and the first house we got to let us teach them. yay!
we learned how to make puso, ive wanted to learn forever.
i got a free papaya!! its not ripe yet so i have to wait. 

Friday: we had a csp in the zone leaders area and somehow i ended up digging a pit for a bathroom, and while we were digging the elder kept saying "RAISE YOUR PUTHAW!" which means like iron rod and then we were breaking up the dirt and it was really muddy and fun and we took our shoes off and did it barefoot. 

saturday: work

sunday: 3 of our investigators came to sacrament meeting ;D victory!! #elect
i saw a huge camel in the back of a truck. 

monday; somehow one of the elders got in possession of a guitar that had <3darbz bedazzled on the side of it and was playing hymns on it when we got to district meeting. and i spilled my ice cream on myself again. i'm the worst. 

Tuesday; yea, work again... 

Wednesday; weird wifi brownout today, i don't trust this shop, i'll try i promise to do pictures next week, lots to catch up on... also fernando is finished with the book of mormon.
i love being a missionary!
-sister katrina dunn

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