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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The End of Dream Team: Queen & Doon

Hi family, i miss you. that's all. jokes, this week was good. I love Sibulan.
Wednesday: There was a wifi outage in dumaguete and it took us like 45 minutes of walking around to find a cafe with good enough internet access. Fernando informed us that evening as well that he appreciates that we understand him, and he said we have "old minds" like we think like old people do. it sounded better in visaya, i don't know how to explain it in english. 

Thursday: this man approached us and said "who is Moroni?" and we said "he's a prophet." and he said "he's a mormon god" and we were like "no." and he was like "oh... prophet?" "yes, brother." and he says to us "No i want you to speak in english". because we had been speaking in visaya to him. and then we walked away cause he was being kind of freaky. we had actually seen him a few weeks before and he has whispered "moroni" as he walked past us. I was confused.
one of our investigators pulled out and electric keyboard and sister quinney played it and it sounded like an 8 bit video game. 

Friday: Happy Birthday Landon! I hope your day was fabulous! We went to our less actives house and we were asking him about his feelings from before when he was going to church and he just says "my love life is personal" uh we weren't asking about your love life. it was sufficiently awkward.
The Bantigue's (whom I love) fed us lechon manok, my favorite. 

Saturday: Halloween and the day before fast sunday. Something about the philippines though, they celebrate halloween on November 1 and 2. think about that eh. right before we were about to go out to work a huge storm hit and a minor flood affected our apartment. We were stuffing sheets under the door to keep the water from coming in. after about 30 minutes it calmed down and we were able to leave the apartment unattended. Fernando came to witness the baptism of the elders, he wants a copy of gospel principles book so we are working on that. 

Sunday: We had 4 investigators at church! We were so excited. I had to play the piano in relief society, that was a doozy. I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting, all the missionaries did. It was a really sweet experience. 

Monday: we made our weekly stop at 7/11, there wasn't any chocolate ice cream, and the guy behind the counter was dressed as a vampire from twilight. so I bought french vanilla, which in america means like that nice rich vanilla right? WRONG. Here it means coffee. so I take a big bite out of my ice cream cone, and quickly discover that it's coffee flavor so I had to throw it out. #life...
Our RC broke my heart, she refuses to come to church or even pray about her decision. I just cried after the lesson, it was so hard. she wont even look at me. she knows what she is supposed to be doing.
one of our less actives had a dream that she needs to go to church. GANI! I wish they didnt need dreams to know these things. 

Tuesday: We had MCM and they bought us jollibee! It was very exciting. we spent the whole day dancing on ice about the topic of who is transferring. well. we had apartment checks by the new senior couple, and then transfer calls came. I'm transferring to San Carlos. I've never stayed in an area more than 2 transfers :( i'm really going to miss Sibulan, it's a beautiful area. it is full of the elect. I'm sad I wont get to see Fernando or Carl baptized. But I'm excited to go to San Carlos as well, I'm excited to see more miracles there as well. My new companion is Sister Tago, I've only met her once, she's really sweet. I think she's from Tonga, YAY another poly companion!! 

I spent all last night packing and then this morning the elder's came to pick up my bags. I travel tomorrow. I'm staying in Dumaguete tonight.
I love you all, I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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