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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dusters, Death, and Leonardo DiCaprio

We went to the beach this week! Beautiful. Talavera has got it going on! We took a lot of char pictures, I'm still laughing over them. Our dusters and my dress are finished, they are both fabulous. We look awesome when we are dressed like Nanay's. 

We made tuna carbonara, brownies, and cookie dough and the sisters from downstairs brought us cheese and potato soup. No wonder in weekly planning this week I made a goal to jump rope every day (even on the days I don't want to). 

We played football and volleyball on Saturday, it was really fun. I amaze people with my mad football skills haha, joke ra, but at least i know how to throw it. 

So there's an investigator we've been working with, he was doing so good. He was smoking wayy less, and he was really receptive, we've been teaching him for about 3 weeks and.. he died on Monday. He was only 51 years old. It was really sad, he has a few sons. We went to his viewing yesterday he looked so peaceful. 

We were sick again this week, it's probably because I consumed dairy again. This country is trying to teach me a lesson, stop eating dairy its of the devil.. but it is so good. 

We found this really awesome family when we were fasting, they were so prepared. She is like a cross stitch pro, she had a giant cross stitch of leonardo dicaprio it was spot on. I can't even explain how fabulous it was. It looked like a photo. She also had a cross stitch of the manila temple we were like "do you know what that is" and she was like "no, it's just pretty" so we taught her about the temple. We got a return appointment. :D 

We had dinner at a member's on Sunday, it was chinese food weirdly enough haha, and we had my favorite for dessert(one of my favorites, I have too many) jelly and kondensata. and they gave us a ride home in their motorcycle/cart thing and we went down this hill soo fast it felt like a roller coaster. 

It's week 11 of the training so that means... I lead all the teaching and planning of this week. aka.. terrifying. 

As a result we sari-sari'ed for a few hours on monday and got 4 OST's! It was fabulous, we taught a woman who belongs to the united pentecostal church. very interesting. They aren't allowed to cut their hair, wear make up, and girls have to wear dresses or skirts. They can't wear pants. She was very nice. 

We taught this boy named ammon about ammon, because he had no idea who ammon was, it was very cool, watching him just amazedly read the scriptures in that lesson. 

Sorry my english is so kalo-oy. I miss cinco de mayo, I miss mexican food haha. I'm surprised that so much of the spanish culture stayed in the philippines except for the food. We actually discussed that yesterday. 

There is a scripture i found in my personal study yesterday that I really liked. Jacob 2:8 - And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul. 

Tinuod siya! I get to help heal souls here with the word of God. And I know every day that it heals my soul, I'm humbled by my trials, and then lifted up by this gospel. I'm thankful for the atonement, this week I wrote in my study journal what the atonement means to me. I challenge all of you to do the same. It gives you a new perspective. 

Love you all, stay safe!
-Sister Dunn-

P.S. Banana mango smoothies are fabulous
P.S.S. I got to try raw sugar cane, very good.

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