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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Temple Trip & Skype

Let me just start by saying this week was FABULOUS! Well not all of it, everything has it's opposite. Honestly I never know how to start the emails. Awkward... I need to type fast though I don't have a lot of time.

Wednesday: we went to the Bato Fish Sanctuary and there were rainbow fish that kept jumping out of the water at us when we fed them. The water was like glass, and the dock went out over the reef. We could see to the bottom. So cool! Also update: Jollibee has fantastic reeses peanut butter mix ins. 

Thursday: We took all the WOW items from an investigator and disposed of them for him. He was shocked, but willing to let us take them. He wants to change. YAY! One of our Tatay's is reading his book of mormon every day :D

Friday: I experimented with pasta. The cheese situation here is very kalo-oy so i used a 'cheese spread'. I'm not sure what it is actually made of, but everyone assures me the pasta was great. We OST'ed in a field too, while the sun was setting. It was beautiful. 

Saturday: I cooked Bicol Express (i'm sorry I talk so much about the food, I just really love it, and Bicol is amazing). We found a new girl to teach, she is so ready for the gospel. Her name is Vanessa, her husband is working abroad right now. They have a tiny baby. She was really upset when we first brought up baptism because she said "I don't have money to pay for my baby to get baptized" I was shocked on several fronts, but we assured her that her baby doesn't need to be baptized because he is perfect :D She was really happy after that, we have another appointment with her this weekend. 

It was also Nino's baptism, I was so happy for him. He was so excited he came to the church 3 hours early. He sprinted to the bathroom when it was time to change into his suit :D I held his CTR ring for him. He's been waiting for this day for 5 months, because neither of his parents are members he has to come to church for a long time before he qualifies for baptism. He's 14 years old, I love him! He wanted the Melchezidek priesthood pronto but we had to tell him he has to wait haha. 

We had dinner at the Halls (the senior couple in the area) and they made COSTCO LASAGNA AND THERE WAS CHEESECAKE FROM THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!?! I stuffed myself full I was so excited. We discussed what intelligences were. I love doctrinal talks with Elder Hall he is soo smart. 

Sunday: I got to skype with my lovely mother, my father and my sister and they all look great! I bore my testimony, I don't know how it sounded. I hope they didn't tell anyone I'm fluent because.. I am not hahah. Not yet that is. 

On the way to church I saw one of our less actives who always gives us free rides places and I just thought "He's coming to church today" so I marched over and climbed on the back of his motorcycle and said "okay lets go," and he drove us to church and tried to get away but I told him to park his trike and come in with us. He was worried because he wasn't dressed for church but I assured him it was no big deal. He stayed for 2 hours, I was really excited. And he liked it.. he just needed a push.
I helped an Elder sing "mother i love you" to his grandmother, it was fun although i don't think I have ever sung that song before. 

Monday: the goat that lives outside our apartment was murdered. A few days earlier we had made jokes that he had died because he had gotten quiet but then we heard him again so we knew it wasn't true.. but then he was killed on Monday. It's like that moment in Jurassic Park where they are all like "where's the goat?" and then the leg lands on top of the car. It's actually kind of funny. The owners cooked him up hahha, I hope he was good.

We also went back to an OST's house and met her granddaughters and they are soo good, we're teaching them again later. We're basically rebuilding our teaching pool right now. 

Tuesday: We got up SO early to play games at the church and then I was exhausted all day. Not a lot happened. 

Wednesday!! WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I SAW SISTER QUINNEY!! It was all perfect. I'm out of time. I love you! I'll try to leave a spiritual thought next week when I have more time, I've been traveling all day so less time than usual!
bye bye!

-sister dunn

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