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Monday, May 25, 2015

White Wash

I just want to let you all know that you have missed out on a fabulous opportunity to talk to me. Haha no it's not your fault, you didn't know my P-Day would be changed to a Monday for just this week because Zone Conference is on Wednesday. I didn't even find out till Saturday. So I don't remember if I talked about it in my last email but... I am White washing this transfer, which means both me and my companion are new to the area.. patay... It is extremely hard. We don't know anything here. There has been a LOT of tracting. When you imagine missionary work what do you imagine? You imagine missionaries walking for miles trying to find people to teach. That has been my life this week. And it is hard. Although I have discovered a new boldness in myself that I did not know existed. I will talk to ANYONE! 

Also, I am finally at a point where I'm comfortable with the language. I woke up last Monday and I was thinking about it and I just thought "I'm comfortable, I've got this, I can speak Visaya." and then just a few short hours later I was thrown a curveball in transfer calls. The Lord has decided that I always need a challenge in my life. I sure have a lot of growing to do.
White wash is my new challenge this transfer. We are going to whip Bacong into shape. I just know it. 

So last monday thru Wednesday there were a lot of tears. My favorite experience was we went to go say goodbye to one of our Nanay's and as we were leaving she starts hugging me, she's just a tiny little thing, and she just starts sobbing saying "Don't forget about me" and I promised her I wouldn't forget about her. 

So Wednesday night was a hoot. We spent a ton of time doing last minute packing and trying to deep clean our apartment because it's been closed. They closed our area... Cleaning out missionary kwan and the gunk of 20 sister missionary's past was very exciting. Not. I did find this rocking purple mumu with peacocks all over it. 

We woke up so early though on Thursday, we get all packed. We flagged a trike for Sister Conjelado, and loaded her stuff up. I managed to hold myself back from crying as I hugged her goodbye and watched her drive away. She really was like my nanay. I relied on her so much. 

Sister Beyer and I started the very fun adventure of trying to get a trike for ourselves... We even tried to bribe the taggiya to do it but she doesn't know how to drive any of her 5 trucks. Salamat. We were running down the street, our bus was leaving in 15 minutes and I stopped and said "Let's pray." so we said a prayer and as soon as she said amen she looked up and Sister Poteki and Sister Abenoja had come back for us. We sprinted to them (Sister Beyer rocking a limp run because of her foot) and we loaded up our luggage. There was no room for us, so I climbed behind the driver, used one hand to balance my giant suitcase on top of the back of the motorcycle through the window, and Sister Beyer sat on my lap. Life here is very exciting. We made it on time. 

The bus ride was sickening, I got car sick so I hung my head out the window and got mud all over my face and arms. We rode to Cebu and then we got another bus to Dumaguete. Four hours of driving along the coast, gorgeous beaches. We just talked and talked for hours. The bus drove onto the boat, we got out, went to the bathroom. There was a porthole window on the bathroom and I died laughing over it. We got back on the bus, drove to the station. The zone leaders picked us up, took us to our new apartment. It looked like a typhoon had gone through it. It was disgusting. There was still rotten food out. The cleaning had not been done... We spent a few days picking it up. We're still taking care of all the kwan. 

We got to go to Robinsons, which is like a mall, fabulous. 

Friday: After a really kalo-oy weekly planning (pathetic) we went out proselyting. We taught this group of drunk people who were harvesting mangoes so they have us two GIANT bags of mangoes to take with us. We found another girl after that who is really good, I'm excited to go back and teach her.
There has been a lot of wandering these last couple days, we have talked to so many people though. SO MANY! 

On Sunday we got to take a hable hable (motorcycle) up the mountain to Buntod and we fit 5 of us on it. It was fabulous. I loved it so much. 

This morning we had district meeting and we ate at Robinsons in the food court and after this I am going to have little fish eat all the dead skin off my feet. Yea. We found a place that does that. 

My new companion is fabulous. Her name is Sister Koyamaibole, she is from Fiji, and she's a light. She serves everyone, and loves everyone. I love poly's! I am so excited for this transfer. 

Something from my personal study i want to share with you: So my first morning in Bacong I woke up super stressed (obviously) we don't know what we're doing, or who to talk to, and my mind was running. I was reading in Ether, and this one verse stood out to me. Because of the setup of my book of mormon, the first line of Ether 2:16 says: "And the Lord said: Go to work" 

It answered my question. We are going to hit the pavement (or the bukid so to speak) and teach like we've never taught before. We are going to GO TO WORK! We're finding, we're teaching, we're baptizing. Hold on world, we're rocking this. 

There will be tears, but it will all be worth it in the end. 

Pray for me! I love you!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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