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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hiking, Spaghetti, and the Stalking Truck

Hello, kamusta mo? This week was surprisingly short. Time is moving faster and faster. It's true when Missionaries say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. 

On Thursday morning we went hiking! We went up to the grotto at 6:30 in the morning. It was already burning hot, and we talked to this man who used to live in america, who's a Catholic missionary. He was really nice, and wearing a rocking jogging suit. The only downside of the hike was that afterwards I felt really sick. Heat exhaustion i think. 

I made spaghetti this week. My companion was excited to try what she calls "american spaghetti" because the spaghetti here is sweet, and the kind i made... isn't. I made it the way I make it back home. 

And the explanation behind the stalking truck. There is this bakery truck that has a loud speaker on the top and when it makes deliveries it plays just the first 4 chords of Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours' on repeat, very annoying. And we were walking down the street, and it kept making deliveries right by where we were walking so it felt like it was following us down the street, it was really funny. 

We discovered this hot chocolate machine right by Marlina's house and it only costs 5 pesos for a cup. It's beautiful. I love it. For our CSP this week we helped sew these little circular rugs that they use for cleaning. They aren't actually rugs, they are the size of an oven pad thing that you put hot foods on, i dont remember what those are called, but they are used for cleaning. All of the sewing machines here are the old singer ones, like the peddling ones, they are so cool. We had another CSP where we cleaned and painted at this old school and on the way there the members let the missionaries drive the sikad haha, Sister Poteki did it first and we were all in it and she crashed it into some bushes, so i took the wheel and got us there safely, although there is this ramp into the entrance of the school, and i was like "Wait, no i can't do this," but it was too late haha and we went rocketing down it. Very fun. The brooms we used to clean we spent like 15 minutes plus trying to get a picture of all of us jumping at the same time so that we would look like witches. We never got the picture haha, but sister poteki has got some mad hops. She can jump, high! 

The highlight of my week, the baptism. It was so lovely, an entire family was baptized gihapon, but the girl we taught, she bore the most beautiful testimony. I cried. It was so spiritual, i was so thankful for that. I needed it, especially because this week was pretty difficult. 

We found out one of the people we are teaching not only is a missionary for another church, but she CREATED the church. It just gets harder and harder haha, i love her to death though, she is so precious to me. 

I've started making brownies for everyone. They love them. It's a hit, well I make them for all the missionaries in our ward because there are 6 of us, as well as the sister's downstairs. 

We had exchanges yesterday and I had to lead the area, it was really hard, but i survived. I'm understanding more, but i still really struggle with the language. We are writing up a new study plan for me now.

I loved my study this morning. Alma 58. the verses 9-12 stood out to me, about how we need to take courage, and the lord gives us our trials because he knows what we can handle and that we need to keep growing, there was a line in jesus the Christ i really liked as well, that God knows what we need before we even ask, and i added in in my study journal, before we know what we need as well. I've changed so much since i left home I don't even recognize myself. but i think these changes are for the good. 

Well I'll keep it short, well shorter than usual haha. I love you all.

-Sister Dunn-

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