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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peanut Butter and Jelly Biscuits = Life

Sige, this week was... hard to explain. There were ups! There were downs... but at least last night we got hot cakes. Not banana this time, but still good. Nayt and Jaimie I'm almost halfway through the journal you bought me, it is so cute and handy I love it.

Last week after i emailed we went to the wall, it was awesome! Basically next to the river there is this giant cement wall, i think its a dam barrier, it wraps all the way around. To get to it you have to climb up to the overpass and climb over the barrier. We see people out there all the time and we wanted to try it so away we went! It wasn't too exciting, but it was nice up there. Lots of air. At gaisano i found the best stickers, they are glow in the dark cats, and i had to have them, only 15 pesos, totally worth it. They are wearing neckerchiefs.

On thursday we were looking for a referral and we found her neighbor sitting outside so we sat down and taught her and while i was testifying about returning to live with langitnong amahan she just says "dili" it caught me off guard, i didn't know how to continue. Apparently she does not want to go to heaven. Sige... that's fine. I guess.

There was this old homeless tatay walking down the road later that day, by the boardwalk and he was kind of mumbling to himself so we stopped and Sister Conjelado gave him some biscuits and to say thank you he sang us this song in visaya, it was definitely interesting. It was about a couple who took a picture together and then died. Umbot, hard to follow.

Mom, I got to shred fresh coconut this week at a members house and it made me think of that time that you wanted fresh coconut for a recipe so you bought a whole coconut from the store and spent hours trying to get it out of the shell, haha, let me tell you, there is an easier way to do it. you straddle this plank of wood and there is this spike attached to the end of it, and you just place a bowl underneath and scrape a coconut half over the spike. It takes like 10 minutes or less for one coconut. And the fresh coconut tastes SOO GOOD!

There is this really good soup we buy here, we get it all the time cause its only 25 pesos which is like 50 cents, and we take it home and eat it, best eating out investment ever. We had exchanges this week and Sister Lamoglia promised to make me brownies i just had to bring eggs, so i swaddled a bunch of eggs in a plastic bag and was holding them protectively against my body until we got to their apartment. The brownies, also very good. In the morning there were ants crawling all over them, but we just scared them away and ate the brownies anyway. I'm learning to get over things that would have previously bugged me. there are some interesting developments in my life.

It was pouring down rain, and my feet were so muddy, but we just rinsed off, i love rubber shoes best things ever.

When we were walking around a woman spotted us and literally sprinted inside her house to get away from us. We were waiting for a trike on the side of the road, and she came around the corner because she thought we were gone, and when she saw us again she jumped back. But she must have really needed something from that tindahan because she ran past us and kept worriedly looking over her shoulder. I just laughed, some people love us and... some people are terrified.

We went out to the bukid and there was this litter of puppies running around I had to pet them, and then I had to alcohol my hands because they are diseased.

We tried taho this week, its tofu in this sweet juice, very interesting. Its a hot lumpy drink... I have mixed feelings about it.

We had a missionary workshop for the members on Sunday, and church was 5 hours long because of it. I'm amazed all the members stayed. It was a huge missionary member fireside to encourage them to invite their friends to learn about the church. We sang "Where love is" for the members, we had to do it acapella but it went really wall. Such a pretty song.

I tried Halohalo for the first time on Monday, Its like purple ice cream, ube, beans, rice, wafer stick, jellies, and other stuff and you just mix it all together. I didnt think i would like it, but it was weirdly delicious. Look up a picture of it.

Bah I got hit by a trike this week, the motorcycle slammed into my back. The cab hit Sister Conjelado in the shoulder, it was pretty exciting. No battle scars though, haha.

We were walking in upper drilling to teach an investigator and we passed this group of kids and one of the girls called out to me "I want to friend you" everyone here says "Hello my friend" to me, i think its just their limited english, it always makes me smile. Well we got talking to them, and then this other group of kids showed up and the younger kids started teasing one of the boys, saying he was in love with me, it was pretty funny, so i introduced myself to him. He's 12, really shy. I always have weird experiences here.

Oh Kaylyn! There is this less active we are teaching who looks EXACTLY like Zayn from one direction, its the darndest thing!

Yesterday when we were leaving Dumlog I saw this girl sitting on her bike singing breakaway by kelly clarkson and i just thought "I need to talk to this girl" so I tapped her on the shoulder and started talking to her. I told her we were missionaries and a little bit about her message and then she said "Naa'y pangutana sister" so i said "sige," and she told us how she's valedictorian at her school and asked why her friends said she didn't deserve to be valedictorian, why they told her she's just a second choice all the time, she was really upset about it, so we talked with her about Christ and trials. I know God puts these people in our path who need comfort, it was so good. I'm glad I stopped to talk to her. It's always when we are most tired, most upset and humbled, we had so many trials yesterday and that was just such a good moment.

Anyways love you all, watch because he lives on, its delightful!

love, sister dunn

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