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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"naa ja'y candy sister?"

Hi! This week was interesting, but as I said to my companion, every day in the Philippines is interesting. We like to carry candy in our bags to give to the mga bata and they know it now, and kind of just expect it, it is so funny. So we were saying goodbye to this member family yesterday and the daughter without missing a beat asked "Naa ka'y candy Sister?" which means "Do you have any candy sister?" I laughed so hard, and of course I did so I gave her one. And then last night I offered up a piece of candy to whatever child could tell me which direction was north, and neither of them could so they both got candy, and then I taught them about the big dipper.

So leaving off after my last letter... Last wednesday we hiked to the top of this really tall hill that overlooks all of Toledo, and took pictures. I found the skeleton of a dog, it was pretty cool. Sadly though, i think that it had just starved and crawled up there to die.

Later that night we were FTE'ing (finding the elect, which is basically street contacting) and this white man walked past us, stopped, came back, looked at our name tags and kept walking. after we were done talking with the group of men we tried to look for this man but he had disappeared. We had seen him at church on sunday the week before.

This week was kind of punted week, whenever we tried to find people, or tried their houses they were not home. It was especially bad on Thursday, i think almost every house we tried they were either not home or "asleep". It was funny. And frustrating. One of the less actives we teach is less active because she got offended, and she always gets really fired up and takes control of the lessson. She made a good point though "the gospel is perfect, the people aren't" but then all i could think of was, forgiveness! On Thursday night we bought this really yummy soup and i ate a chili from it, (apparently you aren't supposed to do that) it was an accident i didn't see it... and I felt like i was dying it was so hot. It reminded me of the time I ate that really spicy habenero at EFY.
I bought marshmallows this week and I have been roasting them over the stove. So yummy. so worth it.

The ward was doing a runway show for the relief society anniversary, and we went to see it for like 5 minutes on saturdayit turned out soo good. The girls were so cute and did a really good job.
In all the food here they put "magic sarap" which is essentially MSG, so sometimes when they food tastes especially good I ask my companion "what did you put in this?" and she goes "magic..." in this mysterious voice and i just know, that I am eating so much MSG. I'm going to have a heart attack at one point or something.

Saturday was a day of miracles. We climbed up this hillside first thing and found this boy and his two sisters, and they let us teach them, and they are so elect! So prepared, and so we have a return appointment with them. And then we walked to the next set of huts and there was this family outside and we talked about the book of mormon and he said "If you say it is the word of God I will listen" and they let us teach them too! This family, also, soo elect! We gave him the book of mormon and he started reading it. It was a really spiritual lesson, just talking with him I could feel my testimony of the book of mormon growing.

We went to one of our IBD's houses next and they had a bunch of baby chicks running around, they were like the size of golf balls and so cute! It was a bit difficult to concentrate, i really wanted to hold them. And then when we left, there were a ton of baby goats on the hillside. So many cute animals!
We went to go contact an FTE from earlier that week, and when we got there it turns out they had been waiting for us ALL AFTERNOON and were worried we weren't going to come! They are also our new investigators. I'm telling you, DAY OF MIRACLES! When we left their house one of the daughters said "BYE AMERICANA!" Haha it was so cute!

One weird thing here is when people greet me on the street they always say "Hi my friend" it's strange, but nice. Its better than what some people yell.

There was this little Tatay sitting on the cement wall that overlooks the beach/ocean and we went over and talked to him he had this crazy awesome beard and turns out he's been a fisherman for over 50 years. Sister Conjelado just leaned towards him and says "God loves you" it was really powerful, he kept shaking her hand.

We went over to a recent converts and all the children wanted my pringles haha, and kept saying the word "chip!" in the cutest little voices, because they didn't know that word before. And the mom practically force fed us this really good cabbage soup. Its funny how much people want to feed you here.

The chicken problem is coming to drastic proportions. They keep me up all night every night. so the other day i woke up and theres this rubber band gun in our apartment and i went out to the balcony and got down and did like a sniper shot at the ground by the chicken and he got quiet real fast. It was a warning shot. they've been pretty quiet ever since.

On Sunday while we were walking to church this really nice member couple stopped and let us ride in their van to the building, tender mercy for sure because its so hot outside, and their van had aircon.
We went to a funeral this week and on the ride there like 10 of us piled onto a motorcycle with a small cart attached, it was pretty fun. We sang my favorite hymn there, "lead, kindly light" it was beautiful, except there were a bunch of kids being really loud.

On monday one of the elders got a care package with chocolate. I was in heaven. I needed chocolate. I've almost finished my entire jumbo jar of nutella. We are singing "where love is" for the fireside and we had to practice it, and we don't sound very good haha but we're trying and we're getting better. 

We had to let go of an investigator this week who hasnt been progressing, it was really hard. Especially because after we left her little daughter Arlene (who i adore) ran out after us and yelled IN ENGLISH "I love you sister dunn!" my heart broke. But we know this family will eventually join the church. It's in god's hands, in his time.

My guilty pleasure food here is mango ice pops. They are only 1 peso each and they are made from fresh mangoes. They are beautiful creations.
Love you all, have a fantastic week!

-Sister Dunn

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