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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No Bake Cookies & Faith Building Experiences

The title of the email, sums up my week pretty nice. I made no bake cookies this week, delicious. It was like a little taste of home. I shared them with the Sisters downstairs too. They loved them too. My companion wants me to teach her how to make them.

On Wednesday there was a family we've kind of had to stop teaching but when we walked by their house Tatay was outside and we talked to him for a few minutes and then said "oh well we'll share with you sa sunod" (means next time)
And he just replies "karon?" (now)
And we said "dili, sa sunod." thinking he just didn't hear us.
But he repeated "Karon." more sure so we said "sige, karon." and followed them inside and taught them. It was so good, they are much more prepared now than they were before. The next night when we walked by his tindahan we asked him if he read his book of mormon and he said "yes, it made me cry while i was reading" because he was so touched by the messages there.

On Thursday we were leaving Upper Drilling and there was a bunch of yelling and shouting from the forest area right by us and i said to my companion "I bet there's a cockfight going on right now" and so we asked some children who were watching the sikad's what was going on and they said "cockfight" I win. I don't know, it's totally legal here. It usually results in a lot of really drunk men.
Speaking of drunk people, we FTE'd this group of just absolutely hammered people, at like 2 in the afternoon it was the funniest thing ever. One of them was so bad he was just laughing to himself the whole time we were there.

One of our IBD's his mom doesn't want us coming by so often to teach him, and we went to go talk to her about it.. bad idea.. she murag... yelled at us and walked off. There was a lot of drama surrounding that.

We FTE'd an old tatay this week who kept insisting there is a 'Jesus Junior'. We were like "pagsure?" it was wala'y claro. Funny though.

When we were leaving the apartment on Saturday there was a joe (middle aged white man in the philippines who comes here looking for a wife) and he was getting out of a trike and he saw us and yelled "hey white chicks!" Sister B just says "Consider me woo'ed" when we were walking away.

I discovered a new song this week called "born in bethlehem" and I suggest everyone listen to it, its so funny. It's got like a country twang to it. It's like a country book of mormon version of 12 days of christmas and it's so funny.

Someone was watching Gnomeo and Juliet in the church when we went there for district meeting and I was like "no!! I love this movie" just turn away Sister Dunn, ignore it. Luckily it was in a different room.

So the miracle of the week. (Oh yea my companion and I also started to try and find a tender mercy in ever day). We had zone interviews yesterday, and so no time would be wasted we had to go on splits in our area, and I had to work in my area with a new companion, and i was so nervous like "I'm not going to understand the less active, he always talks so fast" and Sister Conjelado just says "you will understand today" so I'm like sure, whatever. So I'm walking with my new companion to the appointment, giving her the background of the family and what the lesson will be and she's like okay. So I'm stressing out, and we get to the house and we sit down and I'm just thinking, she said i'm going to understand so I will' I just said that to myself and... I understood. I was able to do the lesson. It was so good. I wasn't lost, or confused. Faith building experience. not a fear building experience. It's important that we all remember (believe I'm still trying) to make experiences, good or bad, faith building and not fear building.

I loved the interview with the President, and Sister McCurdy made really good cookies for us. I ate like 7 they were so good. We had a workshop in the morning too, I loved getting to hear these thoughtfully prepared messages. The AP's gave a workshop on the "culture of the gospel" and I was able to relate it to pure cultures in microbiology. It was cool, I could make an analogy with science!
Anyways, love you all! Stay safe palihog.

-Sister Dunn

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