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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mission Tour

Happy birthday Sawyer and Grandma!! 92 and 3! Some big birthday's no? Hehe :D
So bad news.. I did not find out where the sword of Laban is. But we heard a lot of other amazing things. Have no fear.

Wednesday: It was the normal.. We were doing laba in the afternoon and then the AP's call us and are like "Yea we're with Elder Ardern on the way to your house." luckily the house was already clean! But we jumped into action and did the touch ups in 5 minutes. He brought a really good spirit into our house, and he was telling us the secret to getting names up on our baptism board. And then he finished with this quote: "Those who honor the Lord, the Lord honors." Anyways it was an interesting experience.

Thursday: Got up early, got ready, headed down to the chapel. My interview was really awesome. I got some really good advice and insights for my life, it was a really special experience. I got to see everyone I love before I go home, last conference, last chance to take pictures with everyone. It's been a roller coaster. We learned a lot of really amazing things from our president and from Elder Ardern. When General Authorities talk to missionaries, they mean business.

Friday: We got this referral from the Elders, so we went to go teach her. She talked for SO LONG, but she has a lot of really good questions. We tried to keep her on topic so that she would understand without confusing herself.

Saturday: A very successful day. We went to one of our appointments and this man was outside and he was smoking so I asked him to put it out, so he threw it away and then I invited him to listen, so he came inside and now we have a new investigator! And we're teaching his wife too. 

Sunday: We had a Japanese investigator come to church. He really would prefer Elders to teach him. No I'm not offended, I understand haha... He was taught before by the Elders here but they got transferred out and now it's just Sisters in the ward... so... yea...
We had a lot of kuyogs work with us, but we managed to make it work. The day was ultimately a success.

Monday: Right when we got to work we saw one of the members (we teach her mom) so we were like "hey come with us really fast to teach your mom okay?" and she went with us and worked better than if it had just been us.
We helped a disabled woman hike a giant container of water up a mountain. and then we climbed another mountain to get to a lesson. Lot's of mountains, very tired ang akong legs. 

Tuesday: Long Evil Punted Day... LEPD... Basta, it was no fun. Almost every appointment we tried... they were either gone, or selling bananas, or getting water, or doing laba, or a multitude of other things so we couldn't teach. We were so discouraged by the end of the day. Everything was not looking good.

Wednesday: I realize after this I only have 2 more P-Days left... make your emails good...
My spiritual thought for today comes from my personal study this morning. After a totally awful day yesterday, I was like "okay, what do I need to learn here?" and I happened to be studying in Mosiah 8. You might be wondering, "what's in Mosiah 8?" Well I'll tell you.
Ammon and his friends are chilling with King Limhi, and King Limhi asks Ammon "hey, do you know how to translate?" Ammon doesn't, but that's not what I'm getting at right now. Limhi, after his people went through so many persecutions he was like "Okay, I want to get my people out of captivity." so he sends 43 strong men into the wilderness for the purpose of finding the Land of Zarahemla.

In verse 8 it reads: "And they were lost in the wilderness for the space of many days, yet they were diligent..." they were lost.. but because the were diligent they found the 24 plates that is the book of Ether. They went looking for the Land of Zarahemla, but the Lord had a greater purpose, and they ended up finding the record about the BROTHER OF JARED! That is just so cool to me! But anyways, I know that if we in this work, continue in diligence, even if it's 100 degrees outside, and people are rejecting us left and right, there is still a greater plan for us than we have for ourselves.

I love being a missionary!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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