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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
2009 N 900 E Unit 112 Temple Complex-CJCLDS
Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


No, I'm not talking about cookies. I wish I were. I miss cookies. Foreign concept here, but I digress. I hope that my weekly emails continue to inspire and uplift all those who read them.. JOKE but I hope you get a good laugh! 

Wednesday: I shopped for my new companion, I mean of course because I love her! We had lunch with Sister Hartog and Sister Soleta and it was magical and we were laughing our heads off in McDo's for about 1 1/2 hours. I really love those girls. 

Thursday: Transfer day.. The Zone Leader (the only one remaining because his comp finished his mission this week) came with the other elders who have a comp transferring to pick us up and take us to the Ceres station. Sister Atienza left on a bus with her new companion to Bayawan.. which then started a strange day. My companions the whole day, were 5 elders. They spoiled me rotten. They were a lot of fun. They bought me a peanut butter chocolate belgian waffle and a slurpee, and a fruit cup. It was the first time in my whole mission there wasn't another sister missionary around. It was pretty strange. 

Sister Quinney was stressed from the long bus ride when she finally got to Dumaguete, so I let her unpack for a few minutes before we went out to work.
I slipped in the mud down a hill.. ugh... I got really dirty. The mud here is awful, because it's not like normal mud, it's like clay, so it's impossible to get out of things. 

Friday: We contacted a referral and TRIED to teach her, but she was so talkative we could barely get a word out. Sister Antonetta was home, and she had done her reading, so that was a tiny miracle (but she still isn't coming to church).
We FTE'd this man who was reading the book of mormon but wouldn't let missionaries visit him because he's scared of his wife getting mad. "Joseph smith found the book of Christ in a cave" Well he was pretty close. 

Saturday: Long bad day... It's difficult with two Americans, people compare you to each other. We're just ignoring the bad commentary. And we maglahutay hangtud sa katapusan. We taught these twins for the first time, and they were really talkative too, but really nice. They committed to come to church. 

Sunday: Miracles. We were sitting waiting for sacrament to start and no one was there. I was feeling really discouraged because we had worked really hard. I said a little prayer, just asking for everything to work out okay and I waited a few minutes and then THE TWINS WALKED IN THE DOOR! We only taught them once! The day before! It was magical. They stayed all 3 hours! And one of the Elder's investigators invited them over to his house next week so they could talk about the Restoration. We were in awe.
Our recent converts aren't coming to church, because they are shy, so next week we are picking them all up!

Monday: I got in a minor argument with an Elder about when my birthday was. I was wrong. I kept insisting it was next week, and he said "oh so on zone training meeting." and I said "no the week before that." "so this week." "no the week in between!" "There is no week in between! Your birthday is THIS thursday!" 

Needless to say I'm not adjusting well. I still have 11 hours left where I can officially say I am a teenager. Sister Quinney prayed that I wouldn't be sad about turning 20.
I met one of the new missionaries in the zone. She's from Utah. I played their investigator in practice teaching. It was interesting, it reminded me of my twelve weeks, the way she spoke visaya. It's how I used to speak it too. There's a lot hitting me this week. 

That night we went by the mans house we tried to go to on saturday (because we had set an appointment on saturday at 7 but he punted us) and he was home this time so we ayo'ed his house till he came out. he comes out and says "I waited for you on saturday!" and we said "brother, we came on saturday at 7, you weren't home!"
"I said 5 o clock!" (I promise you that he said 7) "I read your book all day!" then he produced an english book of mormon from like 1975. he had read from 1 nephi to words of mormon in one day... and he could tell us what happened. It was a miracles straight out of a char missionary movie! We wanted to share with him right then but we had no other woman so we couldn't teach. 

OKAY TIME IS UP But I love you and this week was a miracle and I love my companion! I'll let you know how my birthday went next week, I'm making mud cups and I'm going to buy myself something really filipino!
-sister katrina dunn

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