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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
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6000 Cebu, Philippines

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

4 packages and the Malong

NOTE: IF YOU WANT ME TO RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL NEXT WEEK WRITE ME ON MONDAY BECAUSE MY PDAY IS ON TUESDAY. The time is a ticking, I received many a wonderful emails from many people I love that I wanted to spend a good amount of time replying to, so I apologize in advance if this email isn't what you were expecting. 

Wednesday: I bought a malong. It's fabulous. It's like a human pillowcase and I was the perfect amount of snuggly when I slept in it :D Also for dinner I told my companion I JUST wanted rice, nothing else and she about had a heart attack "Sister Dunn, you can't eat JUST rice!" 

Thursday: ZTM and my packages came! The ZL said "Sister dunn you have enough food to feed the whole zone" hahha i didn't share, just with my comp. Also Debbie sent me a shirt and as soon as I saw it I screamed "WHERES THE SECRET MESSAGE?!" and started tearing it inside out till I found it. My companion probably thought I transformed into a wild animal. Sorry sometimes I just need a little bit of home.. Our IBD told us she started coming to church again because when she wasn't coming her trials were worse, so she recognizes the blessings that come from going to church!
Friday: BER MONTHS PA! Long nights, short days. I can't believe it's almost halfway through september. Also everyone fails because no one understood my rock hudson reference last week. :P. We had to go to a far part of our area and It was really dark on the way back down so we had to hike the back way and we were just slipping through the mud. We looked like caribao's that had just climbed out of a mudpit by the time we made it back to the highway. I laid out the bubble wrap from my packages and we danced on it. We had a rockin two step going :D
Saturday: meh... 

Sunday: There was a brownout.. on fast sunday.. it was roasting through all 3 hours of church. I went on splits with my girl ann again, we always have a lot of fun. Later that night we were walking past this videokehan and this man was like "hi sis.. this is for you sis..." and then started singing a song on the videoke. It was so funny we all busted up laughing. 

Monday: We're budgeting so we didnt eat out after district meeting but went home and cooked. be proud of me please. Also I am a human that eats things like corned beef, and also I eat rice at every meal and I have no regrets. We contacted a referral who didn't think the elders were serious and was really apprehensive to let us in the house but she did and by the end of our lesson she was completely different and accepted the invitation to be baptized. The spirit was amazing. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

Tuesday: I ate kropeck and seaweed. SO GOOD! I shall try to make it when I come home. also a surprise zone conference was announced and I am so excited because that means I get to see my trainer again!!!!!

There was a lot of trials this week, but I am continuing in the work. I love the Philippines, it has become my holy ground. Love all of you.
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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