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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I am Dinosaur

OKAY OKAY I NEED TO TYPE LIKE THE WIND! But seriously I have 12 minutes, why do I do this to myself. Basta, I love you all. 

Tuesday: We had a zone activity at the church, it was roasting hot but I just kicked off my shoes and we played volleyball barefoot. It was a blast. Also sister Hartog loves me and bought me lunch. Sister Conjelado showed up while we were playing, she rode with the Dunne's (note the E) the senior couple from Ireland. They always call me cousin, it's awesome. 

That night Sister Quinney and her comp stayed at the apartment with us and I talked to her forever and it was fabulous. 

Wednesday: I had to wake up early to shower so that we would all have time. All of my past companions (and future comps ;) I'll get to that in a minute) were at zone conference. It was so nice to see all of them. I adore them. I gave the white handbook moment in opening exercises, my first time to do something in a ZC. For practice teaching I taught Sister Conjelado, it felt like 12 weeks again. It was interesting. There was a super char slideshow from mission tour that I featured in WAY too much. It was ridiculous. Also I met a trike driver who speaks russian, finnish, english, spanish and visaya, and he's learning french right now. his name is Roldan, I took a picture with him.

Thursday: At an investigators house she said we looked like we went to the disco the night before because we had eye bags. It poured down rain. There was a flood, we climbed up a muddy hill to avoid it. all is well. 

Friday: I got asked a stupid question by a man today and I had to hold back the sass when I answered him. There was a family home evening and we played John the baptist, my favorite game. 

Saturday: It was the baptism. We sang "when I am baptized" as a special musical number. It was beautiful, it was small. I loved it. That night while buying bbq we FTE'd this extremely drunk couple in Tagalog, so that was fun. 

Sunday: One of the Sister's in the ward opened her mission call to Philippines Angeles Mission in Sacrament meeting. I almost cried because it's been a YEAR since I opened my call. Where is time. This is crazy. We got a new IBD, for october. I have high hopes for her. 

Monday: Stress. Also we got the zone tshirt, it was fabulous. and there's a bunch of characters on it and the elder who designed it won't say who is who. Well I finally got him to tell me, I am the T-REX. I AM DINOSAUR! That is all. 

Tuesday: I got on a trike and I am so fat it tipped over. I bailed and fast before it could crush me. All of the passengers were in between the ages of 11-14 and were all laughing at me. man oh man.. I was laughing so hard. 

We went to dinner at a investigators house and she cooked adobo. when I was grabbing some she goes "oh, liog na" (neck) and I'm just like "ehh whatever" so I ate chicken neck. not bad. the adobo was fabulous. 

TRANSFER CALLS CAME! I AM THRILLED!! MY NEW COMP IS... drumrolll...... SISTER QUINNEY!! MY BATCH!! I am over the moon, this is the best day. Man I love this, I am going to have so much fun this transfer. 

Okay times up, i'm sorry this was short. I sent a lot of pics!

-Sister Katrina Dunn

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