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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Run-around

Rainy season has officially begun... you know what that means?!?! Flooding, brown outs, lightning storms, etc... Every day is an adventure haha! It's so fun.

Next week I hit 6 months since I boarded the plane in SeaTac. Man, I am a different person now than I was then. But yet I'm still the same in a lot of ways. It's exciting, changing so fast that I can actually see it in myself. 

Let's get to work, the clock is running down. 18 minutes.. go!

Wednesday: Zone activity! We drove out to Dauin because they are supposed to have legendary beaches, but it was fiesta when we got there. Drunks, and loud music. So we went to a different beach that me and my companion had stumbled upon while tracting. There was a fiesta there too, so we went to the field that was nearby. Our district leader introduced a new snack to me and I have been addicted to it ever since. They are these chocolate wafer bars, so good. 

That night we taught our recent convert, she is so awesome! She's already in Jarom in her personal reading. She's a rockstar! Her brother is a less active and sits in on the lessons, they are such a good family. 

We went and taught our IBD (investigator with a baptismal date for anyone that is wondering) and she had read too! I feel so blessed right now with these 2 amazing women. They are the lights of Bacong for me right now. 

Thursday: Still my least favorite day of the week. We tracted ALL DAY LONG! We still managed to get 3 lessons so I feel a bit better about it. One of our investigators isn't progressing so we had to drop her. 

We went up this really long road into the Bukid and got an OST, halfway through a man showed up who told us he is a less active. He had been baptized like 7 years ago and a month after his baptism he went to jail and he just recently got out, and he's really shy to go back to church. We're gonna work with him. 

Tender Mercy that night though, on our walk home we passed the park and we saw a woman we had OST'ed weeks ago that we thought was golden walking around so we sprinted over to her and started talking to her, we haven't been able to get in contact with her for weeks. 

Friday: Lots and lots occurred. We got another OST. There was tracting. There was frustration. That night when we went to teach an investigator there was a bat flying around their house that eventually perched in the rafters. We taught the 10 commandments and her husband says "I've broken thou shalt not kill" and we said "Brother what?" (keep in mind he is a HUGE jokester) and then he says "When I was a teenager, all the ladies liked me. I had a killer smile" I about died laughing it was sooo funny.
On our walk home that night there was this perfect circle of fog around the moon. It looked like a grey halo. 

Also we saw this mystery species that we spent the whole week trying to figure out what it is. We went back yesterday and discovered it was a hamster. First one i've seen here.
Saturday: Punted, tracting, nothing to report. Oh except we had a lunch apointment near the beach, it was beautiful. 

Sunday: We had kuyogs working with us! Yay! We ate cake! We taught one of our good investigators. 

Monday: We had transfer calls! I'm staying in Bacong with Sister K for another transfer! I'm excited I love her to death. We took a bus to Siaton and worked there with Sister Beyer because her companion went home, end of her mission. It was fun, we worked in the rain and the sunset was beautiful. We taught this old Nanay who I adore. 

Tuesday: tracting, I love it. 

Sorry, my time is out. I'll have a really awesome personal study for you all next week! Love you lots!!
-Sister Dunn

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