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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chicks, kids, and puppies

Well let's get through this! Another week has come and gone, Pictures are taking forever to send, so be thankful if you even get 2 this week :(

Wednesday: After emailing we went to the native store and picked up the cases we ordered for our mini preach my gospels. We had Mexican food for lunch with the Dumaguete Sisters. I love Sister Hartog, she's from New Zealand and promised that I could come visit her after the mission and we would do the LOTR tour. So.. guess what I'm going to be doing! I got a chimichanga. not as good as back home, but it was REAL cheese. 

That night we extended a date for one of our investigators so we now have an IBD! Yay I'm so excited, she's ready. She's been taught by missionaries before, so everything we teach her is kind of a refresher for her. 

Thursday: A long disappointing day, no detail will be added. 

Friday: After we finished weekly planning the AP's called and told us they were on Negros.. and that they were coming by our apartment in an hour with the mission president to check up on it. We jumped so fast into cleaning, I must thank Mom at this part for teaching me how to clean effectively and quickly. That place shined by the time they got there. shh, don't tell.
We got to hold baby chickens at our recent converts house! 

Saturday: We went to the Elder's baptism, a little boy. It was really sweet. He was so excited to share his testimony. And one of our investigators brought her family to branch home evening! Tender mercies! I was so excited. And a member from Dumaguete gave us a ride home in her CAR! It was weird riding in a Ford explorer in the Philippines. 

Sunday: We were late to church because no Jeepney's or trikes wanted to give us a ride. The day was really long, and really exhausting. We were punted all day. We tracted all day. Although we saw 3 baby goats in the middle of this field so we ran over to them and petted them, my companion almost picked one up. 

Monday: This was just the week of baby animals. We got to pet 2 adorable puppies. They were so fluffy. One of them, it was a man holding it on the back of a motorcycle. He didn't say a word to us, but nodded his head when I asked if we could pet his puppy. It was a very strange encounter. We taught our IBD, she is doing so great. Her understanding is excellent, and she is doing her BOM reading. I'm so excited we are seeing success here in Bacong. 

On our way back from District meeting we were in a jeepney and a man on a motorcycle drove by screaming at the top of his lungs. Everyone in the jeepney was shocked beyond all belief. and later there was this man walking 2 identical goats. It was interesting haha, just walking them down the road. Oh and wild chickens are a thing here. 

Tuesday: We tracted in a new area, and met this woman feeding her cow. It started raining so she invited us inside, we taught her the Restoration and I shared the first vision, the spirit was so strong I was sure it was going to be great... and she told us she didn't want to pray or anything, that our message was the same. I hear that all the time here, it's hard... 

On of our recent converts who is never home was finally home! tender mercy! we were able to teach her, we're trying to get her to read right now. There was a brownout so when we got home we had to light candles all around our apartment. I hate brownouts because the water is connected to the electric so it means no water, no light, and it's an invitation for every cockroach in the world to have a vacation inside our apartment. I killed like 10 this week. And a GIANT centipede crawled on my leg during planning earlier this week. Scariest thing of my life. It was like 8 inches long and fat, I about died. 

But that's life here, and it's actually wonderful haha, things that would have bugged me before, aren't as much of a problem or at all diay. I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm doing my job here. 

There's a scripture I want everyone to look up. 3 Nephi 21:9. This is a glad message, and no not everyone will accept it. but let's keep on trying. Everyone with me now!

Love you all lots,
-Sister Katrina Dunn-

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