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Sister Katrina Roene Dunn Sister Katrina Roene Dunn
FEB25 PHI-CEB Philippines Cebu Mission
2009 N 900 E Unit 112 Temple Complex-CJCLDS
Provo UT 84602 Gorordo Ave
Lahug, Cebu City
6000 Cebu, Philippines

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hello to all, I hope one day you can all join me in the wonderful land of the Philippines. Everyone here is buotan gyud, I'm excited to continue to serve here.

Wednesday: We did the fish eating thing again, fabulous. Bonded over buko shakes. The vicious little fish bit off one of my scabs, rude. I was able to print a bunch of really pretty pictures, :D We visited a girl, it was our 2nd visit with her. She is 16 years old, really nice, really willing to learn. Then her Lolo (grandpa) came out and was asking us "why don't you do the cross? Why do you use 
pamphlets?" kind of accusatory. I was trying not to laugh, cause he was just this tiny little old man. We found out her aunt is a less active, who remembers almost nothing about the Church. We have a lot of work to do. The night when we were half asleep during planning (don't judge us we were exhausted) and I felt the mattress shake, and I thought it was Sister K and so I looked up, but then I saw the table moving too and I was like "what in the world? OH It's a earthquake!" It lasted like 30 seconds, it was really cool. Luckily no damage or aftershocks that we could see. 

Thursday: we got up early and went to Dumaguete for Zone Training Meeting. They shared about becoming the 4th missionary. Everyone should read it, it was beautiful. It's a talk. It's not just for missionaries haha. After that we went to Robinson's for lunch. We spent the day working with Less Actives, my favorite. they need a lot of help. 

Friday: Weekly planning, that means a ton of snacks :D. We taught a less active named Julita, who hasn't been active since the 90's. Her entire family was baptized but they have all died, her parents, her daughter, her husband, so her life has kind of taken a sharp left turn. We're trying to help her come back too. We were able to teach a woman named Aimee, she's has slightly odd beliefs, but good nonetheless, we think she might be receptive. That night we bought tempura on our way to our last apointment, and I went to throw out the plastic bag in a garbage outside of a restaurant and when I pulled back the garbage back a GIANT RAT came flying out of the garbage. It was bigger than Bandeau, I screamed so loudly and jumped backwards. This man driving past on a motorcycle looked scared when I screamed. My companion could NOT stop laughing. It was terrifying. 

Saturday: Sherilyn's baptism! Our one and only IBD, it went really well. One of the other missionaries there was talking to us about less actives, stopped halfway through her sentence, turned to Sherilyn and said "You better not go inactive, you stay strong." she just nodded solemnly. 

Sunday: Fasting. Is definitely something I have had to gain a testimony of on my mission. Raquel (one of the members) worked with us and showed us more of the area. We would be lost without her. We were able to visit even more less actives. That night when we were home, these two boys were in their backyard (which backs up against our patio) and were singing Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith at the top of their lungs. I started laughing, and they saw me in the window and were like "WHAT!?" shocked probably to see an American diay haha. 

Monday: District meeting, KFC afterwards. Fabulous. They have something called a mexican rice bowl. wait.. texas barbeque bowl. It was delightful. We visited one of the active members, her house is right on the beach underneath all these palm trees. We stood on the beach for a minute and just watched the waves. It was gorgeous. We taught a lesson to an investigators who has a TON of questions about the end of the world. Hard to answer let me tell you. One of the members gave us a referral and said "I'm trusting you with her, I'm putting my trust in you, don't let me down." scary. The STL's came over monday night, slept over, and the next day I went out to work with Sister Beyer for exchanges. It was so much fun. 

Tuesday: We taught one of our less actives up in Buntod, and he finally opened up to us. He was offended, we are working on it. We went to visit another Less active and we sat under this tree and tons of ants kept falling on us and biting us. She flat out told us she didn't believe in the book of mormon or joseph smith. I was soo grateful for her honesty. I hate when people beat around the bush to save face. I'm excited to help her. We went to try and find a family, and this nanay we often walk past had just died, like an hour before, so we talked to her daughter, and gave her our information. Back at the house we did char shining moments! hehe :D lovely. The STL's slept over again and left before we woke up to head back to Siaton.

Wednesday: so far, we have gotten a jeepney to dumaguete..
So chika means like chikachika. Hard to explain, like talking like.. chit chat I guess. Me and my comp have just gotten so close this week, chika all the time. I love it!
My study this week really focused on the atonement. How Jesus Christ is our light. Yesterday i asked one of my LA's to choose the song for the lesson and he chose "the lord is my light" the lyrics rang true for me for the rest of the day. Light will ALWAYS conquer dark. I am so excited to be a missionary, and spread the light.
Love you all sooo much.

-Sister Katrina Dunn

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