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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Toledo - Most beautiful place on Earth

Ayoweh! It's so pretty here. And the people here are the nicest people ever. I'm pretty sure there's no one on Earth that could convince me otherwise. It's so beautiful, I'll just leave my apartment and be walking down the street, the beach not even a half mile down the road, and just smile, no clouds in the sky, sun shining bright. I was meant to be here. Even when things get rough, or I'm sad, or homesick, I always have this feeling of comfort like... this is precisely where I am supposed to be.

We are blessed enough here to have someone to do our laundry, so that frees up time for us on P-Day, to get everything else done. I'm not quite used to the food here yet, or the amount of rice people can consume. It's other worldly. At the market there is just stalls and stalls where all they sell is rice. My favorite part of the market is the fruit stands though!!! Ahh fresh mga saging and mangoes!! They are so delicious!! Oh and some woman was like "beautiful nose, can I touch it?" I rather apprehensively leaned forwards and let this woman grab my nose, it was funny. Then she asked for a pamphlet because she saw our badges.

On Thursday I was feeling really sick, but we went to this one house and we were singing with one of the women there, and her voice was awful, but her singing, I don't know the spirit she brought made me feel so much better. It was my favorite part of the day. That night i gave away all my pins (dinosaurs and jungle animals) to kids in one of my favorite family's. They loved it.

Saturday was the baptism!! They were so cute, Ronnel and Jaylou. They are 9 and 11 and they gave such good testimonies I was so happy for them. One of them was late so we ran down to his house to get him, Mayann went with us, haha we were taking selfies outside of the house, and Kelcey was there, shes 5 i think and I took a picture of her too.

Another lizard moved in this week, although i haven't seen either of them in the past 2 days. I'm worried. By Landon and Dylan's request I am naming the new one Pascal, haha they just hang out.

We had District Meeting on Monday and I learned a lot. It was on the Art of preaching the holy ghost into the hearts of the people. and we discussed how it is an art form, and that true conversion comes through the power of the spirit. Also trying to understand what an investigator must feel.

Yesterday one of our investigators who was going to discontinue teaching told us about how on Monday she was praying really hard for an answer and then she decided to sit down and read her scriptures and while she was reading she looked up and saw the Elder's outside and she said "I knew that it was a sign that God loves me" and I was like "IT IS!! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!" It was amazing and spiritual, and she decided she'd try and stay in Toledo if she could find a job, and if she stays in Toledo then we can keep teaching her!! Amazing! We're praying so hard for her. We're praying hard for all of our investigators.

On Sunday night we were really tired and we went to our last appointment and we were punted, and we were like well what are we going to do, and there was this group of kids and Sister Conjelado started to talk to them and then she was like "Asa sa inyong balay?" and they were like "Didto" and pointed with there lips (because everyone does that here) and so we followed them back to their house, and now we have a whole entire family to teach! Nanay ug Tatay and kids its awesome! My kauban was so inspired.

Everyday we get around by trike and my favorite place to ride is on the back of the motorcycle its so much fun!! And its a much better form of transportation than anything we have in america. Just pay 8 pesos and you can ride anywhere in the area. So we ride to Dumlog a lot, kay we have a lot of investigators there and at sunset when we ride over the river its gorgeous. The sun just shines on the water, its all pink and there are palm trees everywhere. I love it up in Dumlog its so bukid and so its just jungle and there are cows and goats and rivers, and palm trees and its beautiful!

Anyways, love you all! Keep writing!!

-Sister Dunn

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