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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sipon & No Showers

Wow, this week was long and tiring. I'll explain the title of the email. Sipon is the word for cold. Which I have, my nose is so stuffed this week. And the no showers. We have pretty shady water here, and sometimes it just gives up. This week I experienced my first brown out (black out) so no power, and no water. We had to skip our shower one day, we felt so gross. The next morning when we turned on the faucet and there was water I was jumping around I was so excited. I didn't even care that the water was cold, the shower felt so nice. I'm used to the cold showers now, and since it's so hot here it's a blessing.

I had my first big mac ever this week. My first big mac and I had it in the Philippines. I don't know what all the hype is about it's just a burger, and its not even that good. In&Out is so much better. 10,000x. I learned a new word from Sister Beyer this week. Char, it's not Filippino I don't think, just a word. It means like kitschy or over the top. Oh and I got my scriptures fixed this week!! Finally, they were pretty bad.
We stopped by an old IBD's house and he had cigarettes and earrings and Sister Conjelado just holds out her hand and goes "rememberance" and he GAVE US THE EARRINGS?!! LIKE WHAT?! Then she told me to choose one. It's in the pocket of my bag right now. And then she had me throw his cigarettes in a puddle.
We visited a less active this week, and the children had lice we were kind of worried during the lesson, but it was fine and I forgot all about it halfway through. Also this week.... I extended my first baptismal invitation, and she said yes!! YAY!!! She's our investigator too, like we started teaching her, I'm so happy.
One night this week we were on our way back to the apartment and there was this group of Elders just singing on the side of the road. They missed the last boat out of San Carlos and had to stay the night in Toledo, it was funny and random though. They had nice voices.
I ate a vegetable, it was like a cross between a potato and a banana, kind of weird, but good. Oh I also ate kamote and it was sooo goooddd! We had it last night at dinner. We saw sister in the field picking these leaves and she was laughing they were for me at dinner and she said "Goat's like to eat them " (kanding is the word for goat) and they were really good, goats have good taste.
We ate pizza this week at Gaisano, haha its not as good as american pizza, but still very good. And they were setting up for a catholic mass in the middle of a mall? i don't understand.
Wahh no one came to church on Sunday I was so upset, i didn't expect it to affect me so much but i was so not happy haha. Everyone told me to expect that my whole mission. I don't want that to happen!!!
And we had to teach relief society, she came up to us at the end of sacrament meeting and asked us haha, I tried my best, I'm not even a good teacher in english, its a whole other problem in Visaya...
There were two girls this week who asked to take their picture with me, and were so excited when I said yes. I'm still getting used to that.
We ate McDo's again on Monday, can you say McChicken?!? Tender mercy, so lami!
Since I had a cold this week, we had to go to the pharmacy and buy an antitussive, and when I ordered it he was like "huh?" so i had to pronounce it the filippino way and he was like "Oh, okay" pronounced like An-tee-too-siv. haha i laughed so hard. Also there is so much skin whitening stuff here. Also they make kalamanci juice here for colds (kalamanci are basically tiny limes) and it works so well. Effective gyud.
Sister Lamoglia made like gourmet eggs for us on monday night, and when we do exchanges she promised me she'd make me brownies in the rice cooker, and when she finishes her mission (the end of my twelve weeks) she's gonna give me the recipe, boo ya!
I got to talk on the phone with sister mccurdy for a bit yesterday morning which was nice, it was like talking to mom, i really needed it. Tender mercy.
We went by this house where the woman didn't want to see us, but we could totally hear her inside the house and the little girl came up and said "my mom isn't here kono" and Sister Conjelado goes "she says?" and the little girls goes "yes" i died laughing it was so funny. It was like that moment in the RM "SISTER BORIS I CAN SEE YOUR ARM!|
anyways got to go, love you so much!

-Sister Dunn

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