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Friday, January 30, 2015

MTC Prison (joke lang)

Ayo! Kamusta ka everyone! I only have 20 days left in the MTC! It's a post Christmas miracle. We always feel so locked up here. It's like Hunger Games for missionaries but no one is dead... yet. Joke lang, it's fine here. You just get tired of the food really quickly. On the days with pudding though... those are the best days. It can turn your frown upside down.

Last P-day after I was done writing we had the funniest moment at dinner. So the Elders are supposed to take the Sister's trays for them, pero kanus-a Elder Evans stood up with a stack of trays, Elder May started clapping for him and after like a second the entire lunchroom was clapping. it was hilarious! It was last Friday night when I got the package from Debbie and my Ron Weasley Sweatshirt was inside i was overjoyed! I put it on and danced down the dorm hallways, skipping and hollering.. or something of the sort.

We spent the entire week trying to halohalo (aka halo2x) mix our language and sometimes we do maayo kaayo and other times we do ok lang. We are working on it. Every day at breakfast all of the Elder's try to blow boiled eggs out of their shells and they are getting pretty good at it. my only saving grace at breakfast food wise it that there is always grapefruit. and i love it.

ok the shift button is broken on this keyboard so nothing will be capitalized unless i really try hard.

i taught the lesson on sunday in district class, it was on the atonement. preparing for that lesson gave me the opportunity to study what the enabling power of the atonement is, and what it is is super awesome so i encourage everyone to study it and see how much the lord does for you everyday without you even realizing it.

i also gave a talk on sunday, which is actually a really funny story because usually i prepare my talks days in advance in case i get called up, but i was so busy this past week that i didn't prepare it till the morning of at like 6:45, i only spent like 5 minutes writing down 3 talking points and a quote and lo and behold i got called to speak :( which is peculiar because i gave opening prayer as well so I thought i was safe. Pero, when i got up there to speak we are usually only supposed to talk for 3-5 minutes so i was freaking out on how i was going to make it last that long but then i ended up talking for 8 minutes without even realizing it. it was incredible. the spirit gave me so many things to say! i don't know how i did it. It reminded me of my plaque scripture, D&C 100:5-6, god blessed me so much, and gave me the words to say.

I heard a good quote on sunday, "character is having the strength to do something even when the emotion of the moment has passed' which i think is so true. we almost all got to sit in at sister mumu's patriarchal blessing, (sister quinney,soleta, and i) but this patriarch said we couldn't so we were kind of bummed because she really wanted us there. while we were waiting though sister soleta fell asleep on my shoulder lol, and was out cold for like 30 minutes.

We watched testaments on sunday night and it was AWESOME! I loved it, the only thing i didn't like was the guy who played jesus. he seemed really smug, not at all christlike. pero, he's not jesus so its understandable.

monday was really hard, it felt like i was having an anxiety attack all day long :( i was so stressed out and my head hurt really bad. i did try kinder chocolate for the first time, and it was delicious.

theres a girl in the new district in our zone who says the cutest thing. when you look sad or like you need a hug she goes 'bring it into hug harbor' and holds her arms out. shes one of the nicest people i have ever met.

i have a new nickname, sister tapos (i think thats how its spelled) it means done or then in cebuano, i think its funny.

on tuesday morning an international sister from bulgaria sat with us at breakfast and wrote my name in bulgarian on a napkin, it looks SO COol! see what i said about the shift button. We went dumpster diving that night (aka went around to the free buckets on every floor of our dorms) and i found the motherload of hangers on the fourth floor, which i desperately needed so i was able to hang all my clothes up in the closet. blessings!

TRC went really well this week. one of the sisters just got back from her mission in Cebu in December and she was super cool. Every day i pray for the gift of tongues, and sometimes i feel it working for me. it's real everyone.

We saw a picture of the cebu mission home on wednesday, and it is a huge mansion. we get to stay there for a night when we get to the field. i dont mind that at all. its gorgeous and surrounded by palm trees.

oh yea we sang i feel my saviors love at the tuesday night devotional and you would be proud of me mom I sang in the choir again.

Sister metcalfe showed us pictures of her new baby granddaughter and she is the cutest thing ever, baby withdrawals right here. last week there was a kid running around the mtc and everyone was so startled, seeing kids now is really weird.

we hosted the new missionaries on wednesday, i hosted a sister going to korea, one going to eugene oregon mission, and one going to bulgaria. how cool! I got a missionary host sticker and everything. i get to do it next wednesday too.

there's an elder in my zone who played professional rugby for australia and he gave up this huge contract for new zealand to serve a mission and he's 21/ blessings for sure, what a huge sacrifice. its never too late to serve a mission, until your 26 that is.

one of our favorite things to say to each other in our district is "kalo-oy" which basically means like "oh you poor baby" kind of making fun of them, its really funny.

OH mom remember that girl that posted on the facebook group all the time before i left? she's coming in to the district across the hall next week. i saw her picture on the newly arriving missionaries sheet. so looks like i get to meet her.

we talked a lot about filipino lore in class this week, and one thing that got brought up was kapre, who is basically this scary dark man who sits in mango trees smoking a pipe, he's used to scare little children into not climbing tall mango trees. I thought it was pretty funny. whats funnier is Elder beretara has a friend in kiribati who's name is kapre.

I play volleyball during gym time (im not very good) but its really fun because we play with the poly's and they are really good and get really into it, but everyone's really nice to you even if you suck at it.

we went to the temple again this morning, although next week we are going to do initiatorys instead of endowments, because we've never done them before and think that they will be fun. Im jealous of all the international missionaries, because they get to do a session at salt lake :( and i really want to do that.

well, this is all i remember right now, if i forgot anything big i'll write it next week.

gihigugma kamo nako!

-Sister Dunn

p.s my favorite quotes of this week, courtesy of my teacher

"this is the second time in the last 5 minutes i've turned around and seen Elder Beretara massaging another man's hands"

"this pen is so fine point, everything is on point."

"I can't pinky swear, it's like making a covenant!"

and then Sister soleta said this: "We are the elite soldiers of God, fighting against Santa... oh wait that says Satan!"

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