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Friday, January 23, 2015

Goodbyes/Hellos in the MTC

Hi everyone!

This week kind of just sped by, I can't believe I'm already into my 3rd week at the MTC. The mission is really starting to pick up time wise. This week was pretty emotional for everyone. The Illongo district left for the Philippines early Thursday morning and Sister Soleta and Sister Quinney can't stop crying. I loved them too, but i've been able to hold it together. Life goes on.

I have to bring my journal to the computer so that I remember everything that happens. I write in it ALL. THE. TIME.

Sister DarthlandVader aka Sister Landvatter got that nickname from a guy named Elder Le duc, and he had drawn a picture of Sister Ferguson on a banana and she looked like a scarecrow, awesome. So we nicknamed him LeDucolas after Legolas. Yea, Sister Orr is a genius. After P-day last Friday we found out our investigator Anna was our new teacher Sister Henshaw and she is amazing. She was in the Philippines when Typhoon Yolanda hit and she had to swim through flood waters and walk miles and miles and it was crazy she was smack dab in the middle of it. God will protect us when we are in his service.

It's kind of weird to think that popular music and movies are coming out while I'm here and I have no idea about them, but I kind of dont care anymore. I have no desire to watch movies anymore, its the weirdest thing. Although we did get to watch Meet the Mormons on Sunday and it was nindot gyud! I suggest everyone watch it. Honestly, the last story made me cry though because it was about a missionary mom.

One of the Elders lost a tooth after smacking it on a bunk bed ladder in the middle of the night, and Sister Quinney was sitting with him at dinner and he almost spilled the salt and she says "its bad luck if you spill the salt" and he said that was stupid and she warned him about ladders and stuff and he says "that's stupid i walk under ladders all the time!" and she just taps her tooth and says "uh huh..." he got so mad/he thought it was funny.

I've already filled up like 1/3 of my first journal. I love writing in it. I think I already said that... Oh yea I got called as a Sister Training Leader last Sunday, so now I'm like... in charge and people ask me questions.. i was barely the newbie and now I'm supposed to help people.. UNSA? I'm teaching a district lesson this Sunday, and I'm kind of nervous.

Sister Henshaw told me something this week that really stuck with me. Investigators can see it on your face when you are thinking about them, or if you are worrying about the language or something else. So I've been working on keeping eye contact with the investigator and letting the spirit speak and it's working way better. M Russell Ballard said the SAME THING in the devotional on Tuesday so i know I was supposed to hear that (he came to the MTC, we've been really lucky getting to hear apostles 2 weeks in a row. I took 2 whole pages of notes, so much good stuff). Teaching like this is scary though, I'm trying to have hugot nga pagtuo (faith) also I memorized my missionary purpose this cebuano. I rock! No actually heavenly father rocks and is helping me so much. Next up is memorizing the first vision in Cebuano.

One of the sisters in my zone is from Fiji and has limited english vocab and the other day we were walking back from the gym and i was a bit tired and she goes "Sister Dunn you look dull!" I didn't know what she meant for a second then I laughed, because she's the loveliest person ever and didn't mean it the way it came out. It was pretty funny.

We learned how to switch our sentences from actor focus, to object focus, to recipient focus this week, and i finally understood it because Brother Johnson is the best teacher ever. And Elder May is trying to get him and Sister Henshaw together *rolling my eyes* but honestly they'd be adorable together.

The last night I felt homesick this week was really rough, we were all crying in our room and giving advice and then I prayed soo hard that night and the next day I didn't realize it till someone else brought up the fact that they were homesick, that i wasn't homesick anymore. It was amazing. I finally feel like this is exactly where I need to be, and i can think about home with a smile on my face knowing you all are being blessed and doing better with me on a mission than if i were there. D&C 100, read it!

We did TRC for the first time this week, kind of awkward and really difficult. Oh and in a lesson that wasn't TRC two of the Elders were sick in the trio in my district so we invited Elder May to teach with us and at one point he was trying to ask if the investigator had any children and instead of saying that he said "Naa ka'y mga anak!" very exuberantly and we all just lost it laughing so hard because he had told everyone "I HAVE CHILDREN!" it was the best. But he's not the only one making mistakes in lessons. During a lesson with an investigator I felt inspired to share Moroni 10:3-5 but at the time I thought it was Moroni 8:3-5 and she was SOO confused! We laughed pretty hard about it afterwards.

One of the new sisters in our Zone is cousins with a sister thats already in our zone, HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

ELDER BALDWIN GAVE ME PEANUT BUTTER!! I was so happy! If we could hug, I totally would have. I just elbow bumped him instead, and I've been guarding it with my life.

The night before the Illongos left we all went into a small room and sang "God be with you till we meet again" and it was beautiful and so sad, and everyone was crying, its amazing how after two weeks you can feel like you've known someone for so long. Oh yea, and Amber the zebra keychain you got me, I'm so sorry when I was doing service my keys fell off of my belt loop and he got decapitated.. it almost made me cry.

Well my time is basically up, keep sending me dear elders, I miss everyone and I love all of you!

Gihigugma kamo nako!

-Sister Dunn

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