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Friday, January 16, 2015

Wow, week 2 already..

So it feels like I have been here for years already, but then looking back on the week it passed by soo quickly. I'm starting to lose my English so some words might be misspelled, bear with me. I'm trying to remember where I left off last email, so good thing i have my journal here. I write in it every day, so i don't forget anything. I'm so glad they have mud cups in the cafeteria, every time they are there I eat like 2... because i love them.

The investigator we've been teaching (aka a return missionary pretending to be an investigator) committed to be 'baptized yesterday' even though the lesson before that we completely bombed the restoration, it went so bad. It really humbled us and allowed us to come together and do a totally awesome last lesson!

Sunday is probably my most favorite day of the week here. It's just like sacrament, which is kind of scary because we never know who is speaking till we get there so you always have to have a talk prepared. And then it's a bunch of meetings like the most massive relief society in the world (no joke they told us that), but it was super magical. We had a new sister's meeting and that was really nice.

During study time on Sunday though the Illongo district came in and distracted us for 2 HOURS! So finally my kauban and I left so we could get some work done, we studied on the stairs. We told the district leader that they were distracting us, so now they aren't allowed in our room anymore.

We got to go on a temple walk and take a bunch of pictures and it was so much fun, we had a blast but the sun kept shining in our eyes.

It snowed this week too, which sucked because I don't have a coat, so i just focused on the philippines warmth and imagined I was on the beach every time we go outside. Sister Quinney was nice enough to let me borrow a coat for the temple walk. We saw the 'Danes' at the temple too, and got pictures with them. Sister Landvatter cracks me up, she's always saying something funny. If I remember a good quote of hers i'll write it down.

That night we had a devotional and the spirit was so strong, and I was feeling really down on myself about my Cebuano and i just looked at my patriarchal blessing and listened to the devotional and started crying, because i read something really helpful/super important for me. this gospel is such a blessing in my life. We also had choir practice, mom you would be so proud of me we sang front row "Joseph smith's first prayer", in practice for the Tuesday night devotional. Oh and David A. Bednar video we watched he impersonated the cookie monster and it was awesome. The chorister's name was Sister Dunn too, it got confusing for a minute.

Oh a sister landvatter quote "Do you ever get homesick for heaven? Like do you just miss God?" we all kind of nodded our heads and just got really quiet and sad for a minute.

On Monday it rained and I ran out into the rain and yelled "Sister Soleta!! I'm HOME!" she just laughed at me. I danced in it for a minute. We kind of slept in monday morning... ooopss... but that's cause the alarm clock (sister ferguson's alarm) that we've been using didn't go off. But it was only like 5 minutes over. I woke up and checked my watch and didn't believe that was the actual time so I checked my clock and said "HEY GUYS? The alarm didn't go off, we're late!" and we all jumped out of bed and ran around like chicken's with our heads cut off.

There is this really scary voice that announces quiet time and lights out in our dorm, i'll try to get a recording of it before I leave the MTC.

We had to rush to prepare a lesson for the investigator because our teacher didn't tell us we were teaching, and the other teacher came in and said "are you ready?" and we were like "for what?" and he just says "to teach" so that was not funn!! Dili maayo..

I was singing really loudly in the shower after gym and Sister Dolokilagi thought it would be really funny to reach under the curtain and grab my foot. I screamed so loud. She loves to scare everybody though. If someone screams in the dorm, its cause Sister Dolokilagi scared them. She scares you by snorting in your ear like a pig usually. A lot of the sister's are scared to be our friend because by association to us she'll scare you.

I feel bad, we were being really loud as a class i think on Tuesday and Elder Frost left the room cause he likes to study and after a few minutes i said "Elder may, write Elder frost a note and slip it under the door." and then i told him what to write and it said "Sorry Elder Frost, please come home! Love, District 45" and he came back in and said thanks for the note guys and then we had like this insane bonding moment as a district and we all kind of told each other our worries about our homesickness and it was really nice (sidenote: a few days later Sister Soleta and I saw that Elder Frost had stuck the note in the front cover of his preach my gospel, we were so touched).

Sister Soleta is addicted to kit kats and eats them all the time.

One of the Elders in the zone fell out of bed and smacked his face on the bar and his tooth fell out and when he would laugh it was soo funny we told him he looked like a prospector. He went to the dentist though and he got a cap so it looks the same as it did before now. For a whole day though it was hilarious.

Monday night we sat on the STL (sister training leaders) floor and ate sour gummy worms, brownies, and chocolate milk and talked for like an hour it was awesome.

We had a bet about what our teachers wife looked like and I won, they all thought he married a filippina but i guessed she was really short and blonde and he showed us a picture and I yelled out "SHES SHORT! I'M RIGHT!" and he gave me the weirdest look...

So at Tuesday night devotional we sang Joseph smiths first prayer and Russell m. Nelson and his wife came to the MTC and spoke, it was sooo coool!!

Oh mom, my estimated leave date from the MTC is February 19th, and my day I'm coming home from my mission is July 8th, 2016. Just thought I would let you know.

After the devotional we got back to our dorms and the illongo girls were upset and crying because one of the elder's decided to come home. Sister Metcalfe (branch presidency first counselor's wife and our favorite!) was comforting them and it was just really rough that night.

Another Sister Landvatter quote "You know there really is sunshine in my soul... and it's fabulous!"

Wednesday! We officially survived a whole week and we got to annoy the newbies and say "WELCOME TO THE MTC!" every time we saw an orange dot!

We had a 'sleep over' wednesday night where we had a bunch of food and sister williams made me laugh so hard "Orchard skittles, they are my happiness!" we also had glow in the dark balloons.

Elder Mataele spent the whole day singing "somebody has a crush" to Sister Soleta, every time he saw her he said that. It reminded me of Lupin can't sing/hermione cant draw. Although we're not exactly sure who he was talking about. So she just said she had a crush on him and he stopped bugging her finally. Lol. Oh and Wednesday lunch had THE WORST FOOD SELECTION! We thought we were going to starve.

He also thought I had a boring journal so we did the hokey pokey in our classroom before we went to our dorms.

Sister Landvatter kind of reminds me of Catbug.

Elder may told us that as a child he had a cat named Quatzforth, best name ever.

Well I'm out of time, I split up my time and do laundry at the same time so that I can remember everything i want to write.

Amping everyone!

-Sister Dunn

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  1. You are hilarious, Trina! It's great to read the honesty of your experience. Hang in there, you are doing the Lord's work! Love, Michelle