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Saturday, February 7, 2015

MTC: 1 month down, 13 days to go

Kamusta! How is everyone doing? I hope good, because this week was one of the best so far. Pero, I am glad that i am getting out of here soon. It's surreal though, because i feel like i'm just going to be going home and not to another country.

So hmm, since my last letter what's been going on... Oh Friday night, we discovered that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam in danish is Et Solskinbarn which directly translates into Sunshine child which is absolutely adorable, so now every time i talk to someone who just brightens up my day i call them solskinbarn! Oh and I've discovered that my teacher Sister Henshaw and me are basically twins. Both blonde, 5'3", green eyes, serving/served in the Philippines. Although she is way nicer than me. She's the coolest ever. We got a new roommate this week because her comp was reassigned to Florida and she's going to Denmark like the rest of our roommates. We love her, it's Sister Williams, she is basically our mother. oh wait i can't remember if she moved in this week or last week, oh well. She told us that if you are a missionary in Italy you are basically set because the Mafia protects you, and then she told us this really crazy story from her dad's mission (because he served in Italy).

Sister Soleta is still addicted to Hot Cheetos but we're working on it. I keep playing volleyball with the Polynesians and it is SO MUCH FUN! Although they get really into it, and it's kind of every man for himself, and there are no rules. But i believe you haven't really played volleyball until you've played with the poly's. I'm still working on memorizing the first vision in Cebuano, but it's really difficult. Something that i have discovered though is that it's about 10 times easier to memorize something in English once you are learning a new language. It took me about 2 minutes to memorize the first vision in English.

I got in trouble on Sunday because I've been using Google+ to send photos to you guys, but apparently we can't use photo sharing sites till we are in the field, so I probably won't send any more pictures till I am in the Philippines. Sorry:/ We had our first fast sunday here too, and it wasn't as bad as i imagined. Every other day here when i dont get fed, or like i get to a meal late i'm always starving, but i was fine all day fasting. Tender mercies i'm telling you. When we did the temple walk there was a malamute puppy named Sarabi, CUTEST LITTLE THING! and i got to pet her and she was teething and super adorable and I JUST MISS ANIMALS!

This week personal scripture study was awesome. I made it halfway through Alma this week alone and I've decided that I agree with Sister Landvatter, I am thankful for the Anti-Nephi-Lehies! They were so righteous and set a killer example for everybody.

I don't remember if I've said this already so I'll say it again, the book of mormon in Danish is called Mormon's Bog (pronounced Boe) but whenever I see it I just imagine like a marshy swamp monster/prophet rising out of the fog and mud and preaching the good word. I find it funnier than i should.

On Sunday night we watched Legacy and it was amazing! Everyone was cat calling every time there was a kiss though (hahaha) but i suggest everyone watch it, it was soo good! Oh and the testaments (mom & dad you were asking) is a movie that was made like 10 years ago about the lamanites right before the coming of Christ, if you can, watch it because it is real good.

Oh and all day Sunday all the talks were about marriage, it was really weird we were all just like "We just got to the MTC! We're not supposed to be thinking about marriage!" It was pretty entertaining though.

On Monday Elder May accidentally called a Sister from Bulgaria a chick and to cover it up he said the funniest thing "Bulgarian chicks man, they say duck not cluck what's with that? It's like a whole other bird! Poultry lore, it's strange, you don't want to get into that." My whole class is pretty much hilarious all the time.

This week Sister Williams regaled her worst date stories to us, and they take the cake. Although to spare her any additional humiliation (and because I don't have a lot of time) i won't say them. but I will tell you, that I have never heard of a worse date. Oh and Sister Ferguson wrote my name in Cyrillic for me!

Oh also I think I should let everyone know.... THERE WERE MINT BROWNIES AT DINNER ON TUESDAY NIGHT! It was incredible. Debbie has been asking about them since I came to the MTC. For Tuesday night devotional I sang in the Choir again and we sang 'Sweet hour of prayer' and it was magnificent. I just got chills so strongly, i could feel like a host of angels in the room. There was a violinist accompanying and it was beautifullllll...

All this week I've heard the reoccurring theme that everyone should work on prayers, we even taught a lesson about it, and really consider that you're speaking with God, so to work on praying more sincerely, at night I go into a utility closet on our floor where It's quiet and no one else is around and I speak out loud, and my prayers are so much more powerful, so I encourage everyone to try it at least once a day, praying out loud.

The Danes are packing up this week because they leave for the field on monday :( but our room is a mess, it looks like a hurricane went through there. We can't even walk without stepping on something. :/ I just keep telling myself "It's only for a few more days.." other than that I'm really sad that they're leaving because I love them.

We hosted again on Wednesday, and I hosted 3 sisters. One going to North Carolina, one going to Panama, and one going to Twin Falls, Idaho. They were all really nice, although i had to lug a 50 pound piece of luggage up 4 flights of stairs :/

OH MUM I HAVE THE FUNNIEST THING TO TELL YOU! Last night I forgot my journal in the classroom and so I took Sister Quinney back to the classroom so I could grab it and while we were there the carpet cleaning people were there and one of the girls she asked if we knew a Sister Harding speaking Tagalog and we told her no, but if we saw her we'd say hi for her. As a joke though i said "Is her first name Sarah?" and the girl looks at me weird and says "yes, how do you know her?" I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE FUNNY! Then I quoted Jurassic Park 2 "Sarah! Sarah Harding! How many Sarah's do you think are on this island?" So Mum!, there is a girl across the hall from me, named Sarah Harding. It was amazing. And i never would have known this if i hadn't forgot my journal.

We TRC'ed last night although this time it was a skype call and it was soo cool! She's in the Philippines right now and her name is Kirstie, she was so nice! We taught her a lesson about scripture study, and it was cool because it looked so sunny and beautiful there because it was 10:30 in the morning their time. She was so sweet! a solskinbarn! Also it's amazing how much English Filippinos actually use. Not a lot, but still some. I understand pretty much every thing she was saying! I am so blessed here!

This morning at the temple we did initiatory's and it was so amazing, the spirit was incredibly strong and i was so physically exhausted by the end of it. It was incredible. Nindot siya!
Well, this week during Personal study I read a lot in Alma, and there was a particular theme that i kept seeing and it was joy. Joy in Cebuano is amazing, it's hingpit kalipay which directly translates into perfect happiness so "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have perfect happiness" how magical does that sound?

there was one story that stood out to me though, in Alma 27. It's when Ammon is reunited with Alma, Aaron, Omner, and Himni and it talks in verse 17 about how Ammon is so happy to see his Brethren that he falls to the Earth! Isn't that amazing? He was so happy and completely swallowed up in joy that he literally fell to the Earth. It's my goal now, to work and strive for a happiness that complete. Also in Alma 28:8 the whole verse literally talks about what life is like, and how even with all the sufferings and sorrows and afflictions... we can have incomprehensible joy.

Anyways, I think that is pretty darn amazing. Hope everyone is having wonderful weeks!
Love, Sister Dunn

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