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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dunn & Dunne

Sorry the clock is ticking, I think I saved enough time today to write a decent amount for everybody.
Wednesday: I got a pedicure (and a really good one) for 50 pesos, and y'all probably don't know what that means.. that's just over $1. Yea, it was fabulous. Also I cleaned our bathroom at the house, because it was disgusting. It was well needed. I tried to make brownies yet I failed epic-ly. 

Thursday: I could not sleep the night before. I laid awake for hours I was so exhausted. It was Zone Training Meeting, it was really good. The zone is getting pumped up to work this transfer. Work hard. Also we're starting to prepare for the Christmas conference, I'm so excited I get to go back to my apartment in Sibulan for a night!
I received the second box! I have been devouring chocolate all week, and it's amazing. Also we have been punted ALL weekend. It's kind of annoying actually. That means I think, we're supposed to be FINDING someone. But I don't know who.. Our last appointment, the little girls brought their friends over to look at me because they'd never seen an american in person before. 

Friday: Friday the 13th, hold on to your butts. I hope you all enjoyed my Jurassic Park reference right there. Old habits die hard. We went out to Trozo (the farthest part of our area) and Sister Castillo gave us a referral who actually might be golden. I'm really excited. She's such an active member missionary. I love the Castillo family. 

Saturday: punted all day... sad. It's putting quite a dent in our key indicators, although I think everyone should be impressed that we still managed to hit our goals. The Lord is on our side. 

Sunday: primary program in Sacrament meeting. We ran out of gas in our apartment so we cooked this like corned beef mixture in the rice cooker. It seemed to taste okay.
We visited an LA who talked about ISIS the whole time. I didn't realize that was such a problem. We've been thinking about Paris the past few days, keeping them in our prayers. It hit major news worldwide I think, I'm not sure. I just hear snippets here and there. 

Monday: We started our practice for the Christmas program. We are doing an Irish dance, the Dunne's are teaching us. It's really fun, we just jump around and have a good time.
We visited Charlene (she punted us the last few days) but she PROMISED we could teach her on Monday. She's a recent convert, but she's about to hit a year. I want her to just COME TO CHURCH! I feel like the white missionary from the District. 

We had several OST's and we were able to go back to Rosie. She's a woman who called us out last week and told us she always wanted to go into the church but she was too shy. We taught her and her daughter and her niece as well. They seem good.
We had to drop one of the long time investigators. She just wanted us as friends, we kindly let her know if she wants to come to church and be baptized we'll keep coming to teach her. We just had to reexplain our purpose to her so she would understand. 

Tuesday: The Dunne's worked with us! It was funny explaining to people that we weren't actually related. Sister Castillo gave us a bunch more referrals, and they all seem really good. I'm excited to keep going back to them. The Dunne's are really awesome, and they speak Gaelic which is super cool. They told us a lot of the history of Ireland, and all the places they've been. It was a lot of fun to work with them.
The Gihuilngan sisters stayed the night for their exchanges, they are a lot of fun. 

I restarted the book of mormon, so I'm in 1st nephi again. Nephi is awesome! And he wrote a ton, and it's all good. I think 1nephi4:7 is one of my favorite verses of all time. "Nevertheless I went forth." 
We're gonna go forth! 

I love being a missionary!
Sister Katrina Dunn

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