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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lechon Thanksgiving

Yea, we celebrated thanksgiving here! It was delicious do not worry! Also big happy birthday shout out to Dad and Kyle! Happy birthday:D I love and miss you guys! Basta, this week, was long but short at the same time. Missionaries understand what I mean. Also I have had an ongoing headache for well over a week now and it won't go away. Ouch. 

Wednesday: We celebrated Thanksgiving with Filipino style. Lechon Manok and rice. It was delicious, lechon is my favorite. Y'all don't know what you're missing. While all the missionaries played frisbee I sat and talked with Sister Dunne about the mission. I love her, she's so cool! Everyone was playing barefoot and one of the elder's cut his foot on some glass and it was bleeding pretty badly, but he's okay. 

Thursday: EXCHANGES with Sister Jopson. She's such a stellar missionary, and she's my kabalay! She gets it DONE! I'm so amazed whenever I work with STL's because they've got it together gyud. We met some really amazing people that I'm excited to continue teaching. 

Friday: Weekly planning, a huge stress-er for me. Organizing interviews and baptisms and everything. But it'll all work out. 

Saturday: We went out to Trozo and it started POURING down rain at the end of one of our lessons and we had no umbrella. So we had to run through the rain to the next house, it was quite interesting trying not to slip. My goal for Saturday was to smile at everyone I saw, and I got pretty darn close to hitting my goal! I was able to talk to more people because of it, everyone just says my face is so isog! I'm working on it, i'm working on it! 

Sunday: No impromptu talks, thank goodness. 5th sundays are always interesting though. There's a family visiting the branch from Utah and the little girls only speak English and it's so hard for me to talk to them. Because everyone here that speaks english also speaks bisaya so i can mix them together.. the struggle is real. I don't think I can talk when I come home.
We were able to teach Evelyn! She was home finally, and she had some friends with her. She's a LA who was baptized a few years ago, she's 16. She's really awesome! I'm trying to get on her good side haha. Her friends were excited to join in as well. 

Monday: the leaders all headed off to Cebu for MLC so we had the apartment to ourselves for 2 days, it's pretty cool hahaha. in district meeting we were practice teaching and I got super distracted by the elder's thumbnails. They've started this new disgusting thing where they think it is appropriate to grow out there thumbnails several inches long. NASTY! 

Tuesday: I pulled out all of the former investigators that I thought were potential to go back to and we tried to contact all of them but most of them weren't home or still weren't interested. At least I tried. We worked our butts off tracting yesterday but it was to no avail. Lisod kaayo, apan padayon lang mi. there's nothing else we can do. 

So I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALREADY DECEMBER. I was looking at the date and I realized I hit 1 year next month. Who can believe I've already been gone that long? I can't, that's for sure. Time moves SO RIDICULOUSLY FAST as a missionary. Have pity on me that's it's going by too fast, i blink and I transfer, or another month has come and gone. I swear it was just my birthday, but that was 2 months ago. A LOT IS HAPPENING! And members keep telling me I need to get married IMMEDIATELY after my mission, like within a few weeks and I'm just like 'WOAH WOAH calm down there!'. But it's funny too, anyways, keep the prayers coming. I could use them!
I love being a missionary!
Love, Sister Katrina Dunn

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