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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Cat

That title might be interesting for you.. what could I mean by the cat.. well... that story happened yesterday.. but lets go back to last week. 

Wednesday: I finally found tuna in WATER which may not seem significant to you all, but here in the philippines they like to can it in oil. not my favorite. I plan on purchasing more today as well.
Thursday: the holes in my shoes are now officially too giant to wear without the street burning my feet. This was the last day I wore them. I have scorch marks on my feet. We ate at a members house, she always makes really good fish.. and there was GULAMEN!! The jelly stuff I'm always telling you about. I love it. its great. There was a disco thing at the plaza right by our house this whole week, they were blasting taylor swift. It was torture. 

Friday: the only good thing about the disco was the cotton candy man was there every day. tender mercies.. pure sugar with artificial flavoring. The clouds were soo scary that night, it was like black with dashes of red and there was a ton of lightning. All of that fun stuff. 

Saturday: I began a doctrine journal. it has pictures. It is beautiful. I will show to all upon my return home! We took a jeepney to Buntod so we wouldn't have to walk the several kilometers straight up hill. It was a wise decision.
this old tatay tried to convince me he was 46 years old. PAGSURE! his 44 year old daughter just kept laughing. His name is phillipe. He's really funny. 

Sunday: I woke up with a really bad headache... And I experienced teaching gospel principles class... in visaya.. I'm pretty sure I can do anything now. jokes..
That night we discussed filippino folk lore.. crazy, it's so insane. There's a lot of interesting monsters. I'll explain when I come home. When we sang the spirit of god, the spirit was so strong no one wanted to talk when it ended. The spirit just lingered in the air. 

Monday: Zone Interviews!! the talks by president and sister mccurdy were really good. It was about threats, the story of the native american boy and the snake "you knew what I was when you picked me up" bitaw.. Our interviews were supposed to be on tuesday but they ended up being that night. I was also able to split with Sister Beyer for probably the last time before she goes home in two weeks. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to work with her. She is an amazing missionary, and has taught me so much. 

Tuesday: THE MOST CRAZY DAY OF MY ENTIRE MISSION! It started with the cat.. We were studying and there was this cat that kept meowing, and I was getting really annoyed, thinking how the owners (our neighbors) needed to quiet it, but finally sister k walked to the window and saw it sitting on our back patio. It had climbed in through the labahan. We tried to force it back through but it refused so we had to dump it over the fence in front of the house. 

Then we got a call from the presidents wife saying I needed to go to the hospital and have blood work done because I accidentally read the prescription for my medicine wrong and took way too much (it was normal, my blood work, dont worry). Sister K couldn't look when they did it, she was like "THE NEEDLE IS HUGE!" it really wasn't. I'm used to giving blood. no sweat.
The trike driver that took us back to the church kept saying how americans are so rich, and everyone has a job there, no one is jobless, he wouldn't listen when I tried to tell him there were struggling people all over the world. 

The jeepney we got home had this really crazy guy we sometimes see in San Miguel, he smelled terrible, he kept asking me if I had a car, and getting in my face about it. and then later when we were in San Miguel he comes out of NOWHERE! with an ice pop in his hand, and starts asking me a ton of questions. WE HAD TO RUN AWAY FROM HIM! 

There were other things, but I'm out of time. The mission is always really exciting. I love my mission.
love you,
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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