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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kini Lao

Sorry, it's going to be short and sweet usab. I apologize if you were expecting something else...
Wednesday: I cleaned the house.. it was disgusting. I don't think sister missionaries have cleaned there in years.... or maybe I'm just paranoid by the mess that was left to us when we first got there.
Our IBD has a study journal! I was overjoyed!! 

Thursday: Zone training meeting in Siaton, ceres bus drive for hours. Cue car sickness hahha... It was really good. It was all about not getting discouraged when punted, something I constantly struggle with. 

We tracted all day. There is a member family here, and their daughter is TERRIFIED OF US! But she finally started warming up to us, she's so cute. But she runs from us, we don't know why... her mom tells us it's because my companion looks like another missionary she was scared of, and I have white hair sooo... 

Friday: weekly planning, We hiked up a mountain to buntod. Usually we would ride a motorcycle but they got banned so we have to walk now. It's straight uphill and take about 1 1/2 hours so yea.. it's a hike. During the hike there was a man cutting banana trunk for his cow and I asked him the name of his cow, but he said it didn't have one, so i named his cow for him. He started laughing really hard.
A woman ran out of her house at us and basically said "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? I have been waiting for missionaries to come back for months!" so we taught her. She's really good.
A group of high schoolers said I was "so white" or "puti kaayo" yes, yes i am.
Our last appointment of the night, i watched as their chicken flew into a banana tree and refused to come down... very interesting. 

Saturday: We went to a service project but when we got there the elders delegated us to do the cooking while they handled the 'hard stuff'. thanks. Oh and the branch president asked me when we were eating "have you tried the fish?" and i said not yet so i tried it and it was pretty good and he said "It's called kinilao" and I was just like "cool" and then he looked at me funny and said "Do you know what kinilao is in english" i shook my head no and then one of the boys walked by and said "raw." I don't know how I couldn't tell, but I ate raw fish. It was really good. 

We were teaching our favorite nanay about the book of mormon and she starts reading the introduction and then says "I can't he'll get mad." and I looked at her and asked, "who will get mad?" and then she started telling us that when he found out we were teaching her he came to the house and yelled at her. It's her pastor. He's american. doesn't speak visaya. Has this really long hippy beard. He takes a translator around with him.
She said we could come back though, success.
Our IBD passed her interview! 

Sunday: 2 of our investigators were at church!! yay!! and i got really sick
Monday: my sickness continued, but we still had to take a bus to siaton for DM.
That night one of the members fed us grapes. I haven't had grapes in so long. It was fabulous.
Tuesday: we hiked to buntod again, call us crazy, we're just going to be so fit.
We went to an LA's house and on the way there we convinced this group of men to give us free buko, so they climbed the coconut tree and got us some coconuts, cut it open for us, and let us drink it. It was amazing. 
I fed a duck out of my hand. Scary. their beaks are surprisingly hard.
Wednesday: today...

Also Tuesday, the 14th happened to be the days i'll go home in a year. I board a plane July 14th, 2016 to come home. One of the elders in our district decided to be really sassy and said "you only have a year left" and I said "Hey! I'm still new!" and he just laughs and said "You may be new, but you only have a year left." 

Here everyone get's scared when you talk about going home.
Anyways, i love you all, stay safe, make good choices!
-sister katrina dunn

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