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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Siaton to Bacong (and back again)

So this week was a week of changes, gyud! AS IN, I am startled by everything I experienced this week, but alas, life goes on. So here. we. go.

Wednesday: Sister K's birthday siempre! The cake was delicious in case you were wondering. That night at our Recent convert's house they had bought her a cake from Sans Rival, so duha ka cakes. Lami! And one of the people there was giving us dating advice for when we go home "you have to flirt a little!" okay, well thank you. 

Thursday: Zone Training Meeting in Siaton. The workshops were really good, gave me a lot to think about. President's was on having our own Sacred Grove. The AP's was on Character of Christ. The STL's presented it really powerfully. 

Sadly, it was the last day I would see Sister Beyer in the mission because she goes home this week. I cried and asked her for her last minute advice, it was really powerful but I won't share it :) We took some selfies (of course we had to take model selfies, that's our thing!). 

On the bus ride home I talked to this really nice girl. She was 16, on her way to Dumaguete for a pageant. Before I started talking to her I was feeling really nauseous and so I said a prayer for strength and then I thought "well fulfill your purpose" so I looked up, the woman on my right side was sleeping so I talked to the girl on the other side. I don't know what will happen, I won't ever see her again, but maybe I planted a seed, I don't know. I didn't feel sick when I spoke with her either, my car sickness, vanished. 

We recontacted Felix, the man that said we could come teach him and it turns out HIS WIFE was a woman sister K had met on exchanges with Sister Curameng. the woman had complained that missionaries never come visit her but she got off the jeepney before they could get her name, so when we went back to find her it was near impossible. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS, everything happens for a reason. 

That night was hard, we were wandering around in the rain, so we contacted an old contact that had been taught by the Sister's a year before. She's really nice, it was a good visit. 

Friday: a quiet day. when tracting we met a woman who declared "I was born in this religion and I will die in this religion. I am not interested in what you have to say." We were just trying to ask her where her neighbor was... then she said "I am 82 years old. Perhaps my departure time is coming. My airplane is coming soon and I will fly, fly to another world". Her name was Petra Beducan. It was really funny. 

We visited this woman named Esther who is really awesome. We found her while tracting last week, she's really receptive. I have high hopes for her. 

Saturday: We visited a less active who all of her kids wanted to take turns reading the book of mormon out loud. We went to the branch presidents and their neighbor got us coconuts out of the tree to drink and eat. Lami kaayo as per usual. 

Sunday: I woke up with a fever and I was really sick so we stayed home :( We went out that afternoon though and managed to teach a woman that has punted us for the last month. She's doing okay. We walked by this group of boys who every time we pass them they call me Janet. I don't know why. 

Monday: District meeting in Siaton. We worked there with Sister Curameng because Sister Beyer already went to Cebu to go home. It was fun, I love Siaton. We taught probably the most shy teenage boy I've ever met in my life. He hid his face behind his book of Mormon. Kono he's usually like that.
Tuesday: A good hard day of work in Bacong. We were able to visit Felix's wife again, unfortunately he was at work. She has a lot of good questions. And we went back to the other woman from early that week, and her husband was really thinking about what we were saying. It was awesome! He gave the prayer too. 

TRANSFER CALLS! They moved it to Tuesday night, right before P-DAY. I'M TRANSFERRING!!! To Sibulan it's like 30 minutes away haha. I'm follow up training, I don't know much about her yet, I've only met her once at a zone conference. She's tiny, I know that. Cute little thing. 

I'm going to miss Sister K, she changed my mission, she is so kind and loving. I hope that all of you get a chance to meet her some day. But she's going to be training a new missionary now, so I am so excited for her. 

Okay I lied, I know I promised a good study and I have one I want to share but I'm out of time again! Just know I love you, and I'm sure next week will be equally exciting!
-Sister Katrina Dunn

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